The re-written history of PvZ2 


August 20: PvZ2 was annonced! YAY!

August 26: PvZ2 was remaned to PvZ2:GW. That was messed up. Who knew that a sequel can change the game's genre?


June 3: A trailer was released. 

June 13: Three "trailers" were released. PopCap learnt that we can learn lots from three 15 second videos!

July 9: PopCap soft released the game to Oceania while the rest of the world has to suffer for a month!

August 15: The game is released worldwide! Everybody was having fun until they realised that EA messed up the game and it was only available for iOS.

September 12: Chinese people have fun with PvZ2 android.

October 2: Android PvZ2 was soft released to Oceania. Again, worldwide Android users has to suffer!

October 24 (Android): The day Android users had been waiting for. PvZ2 Android!

October 24 (iOS): Pinata Parties were released. Coins for everybody!.

December 11: The whole map changed! PopCap had found out that the game was taking forever to complete, so they made the whole game easier! A simple world key from AE - Day 8 can take you to Wild West! The turbo button was awesome!

December 24: Feastivus 2013 had started. Five days of ramdom parties about christmas!


Febuary 5: Dr. Zomboss made a comeback! PopCap was too lazy to make Far Future the last world, so they made this just to entertain everyone! ONE level was sure enough to entertain everyone for a whole month.

March 6: Pirate Seas and Wild West now has a zomboss fight. We had to wait a month for just two levels!

March 27: The day that we were waiting for. FAR FUTURE! With seven new plants, 24 new levels, a new upgrade and an endless zone, THIS was the REAL entertainer! Gems were introduced for the zen garden! The boost system was very balanced! There was no boss. Again, PopCap was too lazy to make bosses!

More dates coming soon.