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  • I am a plant.
  • LaserBean203

    The re-written history of PvZ2 


    August 20: PvZ2 was annonced! YAY!

    August 26: PvZ2 was remaned to PvZ2:GW. That was messed up. Who knew that a sequel can change the game's genre?


    June 3: A trailer was released. 

    June 13: Three "trailers" were released. PopCap learnt that we can learn lots from three 15 second videos!

    July 9: PopCap soft released the game to Oceania while the rest of the world has to suffer for a month!

    August 15: The game is released worldwide! Everybody was having fun until they realised that EA messed up the game and it was only available for iOS.

    September 12: Chinese people have fun with PvZ2 android.

    October 2: Android PvZ2 was soft released to Oceania. Again, worldwide Android users has to suffer!

    October 24 (Android)…

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  • LaserBean203

    I came up with an idea for a halloween world. It is set in 1692 when people did witch trials. The lawn is a graveyard, so a lot of graves are in a level. No sun will be falling, and some mushrooms will return. Fog will return aswell.



    Lucky Blover: 100 sun (Part 1 Premium)

    Lucky Blovers can blow the zombies away and leave pots of gold

    RANGE: 5x5

    RECHARGE: Very Slow

    As the leader in the blover family, he always gives them a pot of gold each every week. No wonder why Shamrockstar became the world's second-best rocker, only losing to Spikerock.

    Plantern: 50 sun

    Planterns can get rid of fog and reveal Zombie Ghosts

    RANGE: Full Board

    RECHARGE: Fast

    Plant food: Stuns zombies in a 5x5 radius

    Other plants wonder why she so bright. Turns out she kep…

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