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World Mushroom Day

Complete Survival:Fog(Hard):

  • Using only mushrooms, but use ALL of them
  • Leave a crater and a Hypno-shroom at the end
  • Take a photo at the end AND a photo when you got an Ice-shroom just explode.

Honestly, I want everybody to money farming until you got the 10th slot.

Winner: Hitoridakeno (a little missing, Sea-shroom, possibly, since we can't see the fog).

The strategy:

Mpc-hc 2011-10-03 23-32-53-54

In the first picture, we see the Sun-shroom, Fume-shroom, Gloom-shroom, Puff-shroom, Hypno-shroom and Lily Pad(acceptable).

Mpc-hc 2011-10-03 23-39-07-71

The Ice-shroom active.

Mpc-hc 2011-10-03 23-42-59-96

Exploded Doom-shroom and Scaredy-shrooms.

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