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Zombotany Concept PvZ2

Works the same as Vasebreaker, button, challenge packs, but something new: Level Upgrades! The more times you play a level, the more times the zombies in that level get stronger (every 3 times you play, +1 level to all zombies.

Zombotany Tutorial

Levels: 3

  • Intro
  • Zombfood Tutorial
  • War and Nuts

After War and Nuts is beaten, the player is rewarded with Power Flick. (tosses projectiles zombotanies shoot at you)

Egyptian Zombotany Pack

Levels: 3

  • Pea Tut
  • Glacier Terror
  • Catapult Rain

After Catapult Rain is beaten, the player is rewarded with Power Freeze. (freezes about 4-5 zombies nearby)

Piratey Zombotany Pack

Coming soon!

Futuristic Zombotany Pack

Coming soon!

Medieval Zombotany Pack

Coming soon!

Beach Zombotany Pack

Coming soon!

New/Returning Zombotanies

Peashooter Zombie

Wall-nut Zombie

Gatling Pea Zombie (when Peashooter/Repeater Zombie uses Zombfood)


Cabbage-pult Zombie

Iceberg Lettuce Zombie

Bowling Bulb Zombie

Banana Launcher Zombie

Repeater Zombie

Bonk Choy Imp

Cherry Bomb Zombie

Kernel-pult Zombie

Melon-pult Zombie

Winter Melon Zombie

Imitater Zombie (appears in all packs, acts like a yeti)

Fume-shroom Zombie

Threepeater Zombie

Snapdragon Zombie

Chili Bean Zombie (when defeated, releases gas which stun plants)

Strike-throughed text means that they will be in a coming soon pack.

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