Another concept :)

In The Past, there are graves, and it takes place in a graveyard, and it has a day & night cycle. A scientist (Zomboss, before he became a zombie) necromanced some zombies, thats how Plants vs. Zombies started, apparently.

Graves will spawn on the lawn, after the last wave, they spawn zombies (Random), if you don't destroy them in time.

Levels: Part 1: 12, Part 2: 13

Returning/New Plants


Long-ranged shooters that hide when zombies get near them. (when hiding, cannot be eaten) Unlocked on TP - Day 1

Cost: 50

Recharge: Fast

Damage: Normal

Plant Food: Shoots 60 spores, and shines a bright light on all zombies on the lane, stunning them.

Gold Magnet

Collects uncollectable armor that Magnet-shroom can't, collects coins and gems for you. Unlocked on TP - Day 24

Cost: 125

Recharge: Slow

Plant Food: Unleashes a powerful gold magnetic force that attracts all gems, coins and uncollectable armor that Magnet-shroom can't then throws them at zombies in every lane (randomly).


Shoots stalks in a 3x9 area. (cannot shoot backwards) Unlocked on TP - Day 6

Cost: 150

Recharge: Normal

Plant Food: Rapidly shoots 60 stalks in every direction.

Beet (costume: Beetboxer)

Headbutts zombies into submission. (Different from Bonk Choy, since it can hit multiple zombies, but Bonk Choy hits one zombie at a time)

Cost: 100

Recharge: Fast

Plant Food: Headbutts all zombies in a 3x3 area.

Heavenly Peach

Heals all surrounding plants, regains their health. Unlocked: TP - Day 13

Cost: 125

Recharge: Normal

Plant Food: Will make all plants surrounding it temporarily invulnerable.

Returning/New Zombies

All zombies from tutorial, reappear, except Flag Zombie.

Scientistic Flag Zombie

Marks the arrival of a huge necromanced "wave" of zombies. Encountered: TP - Day 1

Toughness: Protected (wears a helmet to be stronger)

Speed: Basic


A shocking Gargantuar that has twice the health of a normal Gargantuar. Encountered: TP - Day 25, Endless Zones.

Toughness: Ultimately Great

Damage (electric pole, chains to other plants): Light

Speed: Hungry

Scientist Zombie

Teleports onto a random square on the lawn, needs to recharge after. (Gold Magnet can pick up teleporter) Encountered: TP - Day 12

Toughness: Solid

Speed: Basic

Zombotanies. Encountered: Zombotany Minigame (button just like Vasebreaker, takes place on random worlds)

All zombotanies, except Gatling Pea, plus Puff-shroom Imp, Chomper Zombie, Pea Pod Gargantuar, and Fume-shroom Imp.

Football Zombie

Makes the big plays. Encountered: TP - Day 9

Toughness: Very High

Speed: Fast

Giga-Football Zombie

Makes the extreme plays. Encountered: TP - Day 8, along with normal Gargantuar

Toughness: Great

Speed: Fast

Jack-in-the-box Zombie

This zombie carries an explosive surprise. Encountered: TP - Day 9

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Average



Summons 10 random graves, and already spawned graves will summon Basic Zombies

Brain Busters

Save our Seeds: Day 19

Last Stand: Day 11, Day 16

New Brain Buster: Whack a Zombie

Day 9, Day 24


Zombot Nostalgia Bot, After beaten, new achievement achieved: Into the Present

Rules them all.

Toughness: Undying

Speed: Hungry

Special: Crushes plants in front of it, uses camper attack, throws potions to boost zombies.

Damage: Breathes fireballs and iceballs to crush a whole lane of plants.

It will summon zombies:

Phase 1: Basic Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Football Zombie

Phase 2: Football Zombie, Basic Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Scientist Zombie, Any Zombotany

Phase 3: Giga-gargantuar, Giga-Football Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, Scientist Zombie, Any Zombotany

Endless Zone

Back to the Past

Every 100th level, you get to fight Zomboss, in a last stand setup.