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Victorian Times world idea

Idea for a world called Victorian Times. Based on the Victorian era.

Levels: 32

Special: Levels 1 to 16 are day time levels, but levels 17 to 32 are night time levels.

Ambush: Vampire Swarm! A bat swarm arrives on the lawn and transforms into Victorian Vampire Zombies.


Mayapple Leaf

Similar to Umbrella Leaf.

Protects nearby plants from vampire bats and other flying projectiles.

Special: Protects plants from vampire bats (Victorian Vampire Zombies) and flying projectiles (Including thrown Imps)

Special: Planting another Mayapple Leaf on it can turn it into a Vampire Leaf

Sun Cost: 250

Vampire Leaf

Bites nearby zombies and has a chance to turn them into hypnotized Victorian Vampire Zombies.

Sun Cost: 500 (250 + 250)

Damage: Normal

Special: Has a chance to turn a nearby zombie into a hypnotized vampire one.


Shoots strong fumes in an area around them at zombies and has a chance to stun them.

Special: Has a chance to stun zombies in an area around them

Sun Cost: 225

Damage: Moderate


Scares zombies in an area around them, and can be moved from one place to another.

Sun Cost: 425

Special: Can be moved from one place to another

Damage: Heavy

Attack Rate Speed: Half attack speed of a Peashooter


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