Aztec Pyramids is a world in Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time. (Basically I made a name and stuff, lost city wasn't an appealing name)

credits to rx2 for giving me some ideas

yes i know this world is called aztec pyramids but I don't want the garg to be called pyramid gargantuar


Fire Flower *Sungun in code* (Premium)

Shoots sun beams and produces sun for you.

Sun Cost: 175

Damage: Moderate

PF: Lights on fire and shoots multiple sun beams and produces 300 sun.

Cost: $2.99

Flower Garden *Sunpod in code*

A small little garden of Sunflowers that produces 25 to 150 sun for you.

Sun Cost: 100

Special: Planting more Sunflowers on it can give it more Sunflowers.

PF: Produces a random amount of sun from 250 sun to 500 sun.

Solar Turnip *Goldentileturnip in code*

Creates a sun tile when planted.

Sun Cost: 0 (275 after one planting and so on, like Tile Turnip)

PF: N/A (Instant use)

Cocoa Bean (Gemium)

When eaten, turns zombies into chocolate which can stun it for a while.

Sun Cost: 75

PF: Creates two more Cocoa Beans and turns a random zombie into chocolate.

Gem Cost: 79

Totem Tree

Summons helpful wooden totems that will give you rewards.

Special: Wooden totems can give Plant Food, sun, or coins when destroyed

Sun Cost: 250


Aztec Zombie

Regular aztec-speaking zombie.

Acts like the regular Zombie.

Aztec Conehead Zombie

His pyramid-carved stone cone makes him twice as tough as normal aztec zombies.

Acts like the regular Conehead Zombie.

Aztec Buckethead Zombie

His stone bucket with a carved design provides great protection from damage.

Acts like the regular Buckethead Zombie.

Totem Carrier (a.k.a Totem Dropper)

Carries a totem on his back to avoid projectiles from the sky.

Special: When damaged greatly, the totem falls from his back and land on the lawn.

Special: Lobbed-shot attacks cannot damage the zombie itself, only the totem.

Toughness: Dense

Toughness: Stiff

Aztec Flag Zombie

Marks the arrival of a huge wave of aztec zombies.

Special: Flag is made of stone and cloth and can act like a shield

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Hungry

Solar Deity

Steals multiple suns, but doesn't give them back when killed.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Stiff

Special: Can steal an infinite amount of sun

Temple Gargantuar

Stone-like zombie who delivers a hard-hitting attack.

Special: Is trapped in stone until is damaged enough

Special: Throws Aztec Guard Imp when damaged

Damage: Crushes plants with temple pillar

Speed: Immobile (Cannot move, when trapped in stone) Hungry (Released from stone)

Toughness: Great

Aztec Guard Imp

Jabs past most of your defenses, then rushes forward.

Special: Can destroy plants with spear

Speed: Hungry

Toughness: Normal

Aztec Guard Zombie

Attacks plants with a spear and can block attacks using a shield.

Special: Attacks plants and blocks attacks.

Weakness: Pults, Fire Flower

Speed: Stiff

Toughness: Normal

Zombot Temple Terror

The terror of all, from the aztec times.

Speed: Hungry

Toughness: Undying

Special: Can camoflauge as a regular temple

Special: Can shoot out Aztec Guard Imps


Totems can be found in some levels in Aztec Pyramids. Some can be dropped by the Totem Carrier. Some are blue, some are red. These have different toughnesses and even special effects.

Blue Totem: Dense Toughness. Pretty much acts like a regular tombstone.

Red Totem: Protected Toughness. Gives out two sun bomb when destroyed.

Yellow Totem: Hardened Toughness. Gives out 200 sun when destroyed.

Light Blue Totem (has wings): Dense Toughness. Explodes in an area when destroyed and has a very rare chance to drop three gems. 

Orange Totem: Protected Toughness. When destroyed, summons fireballs from the sky and turns some tiles into scorched tiles.

Sun Tiles

These bright yellow tiles can give 50 sun when planted on. The tile will continue producing 50 sun until the level is over. Sun Tiles can be found on different levels or can be created with a Solar Turnip.

New other stuff

  • Power Zap is replaced by Solar Power (Called Power Sun sometimes) that can light zombies on fire and damage them every few seconds. The fire lasts for 10.5 seconds. 
  • Ambush is "Sun Burn!" where sun beams come from the sky and turn some tiles into scorched tiles. Some sun beams can summon a Solar Deity.