Here are some challenges.

Tell me through comments if you completed one of the challenges.I want proof if you completed one.Make sure you understand what the challenge is if you completed one.I will put your username next to the challenge with the word "winner" if I know you completed that challenge.


Fill up the entire screen with plants that cost 100+ sun.

Fill up your Zen Garden with Zen Garden Marigolds.Winner, Snowtail

Get 1,500 sun in a single level without Sunflowers or Twin Sunflowers.

Defeat a Gargantuar before it throws its Imp.Winner, Zombie8888

Get to 100 Flags in Survival Endless.

Defeat Pogo Party and Bobsled Bonanza.Winner, Gregory Exploit

Defeat the Zombie Yeti.Winner, Zombie8888

Get all the Zen Garden items.

Zombie yeti

Defeat the Zombie Yeti