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World 7 - Gaming Era

Plants: Day 2: UPO

- 750 - Very Slow

Day 6: Poison Pea

- 175 - Fast

Day 9: Bell Pepper

- 50 - Mediocre

Day 14: Popcorn-Pult

- 350 - Fast

Day 17: Chili Pot

- 50 - Slow

Day 20: Gold Magnet

- 175 - Mediocre

Day 22: Gatling Pea

- 400 - Fast

Day 24: Homing Bloomerang

- 375 - Fast

Premium: Thyme Bomb - 100 - Very Slow

Ambush - Hack3d

Brain Buster - Tic Tac Foe

Zombies: Red Pixel Zombie

Green Pixel Zombie

Blue Pixel Zombie

Spider Bot Imp

Retro Garguntuar

Extra Lawnmower Zombie

Freezer Zombie

Skater Zombie

Paper Zombie

Root Beer Zombie

Flyer Zombie

Zomboss Hacker-Tron

About World 7/ Gaming Era Gaming Era, of course pays homage to video games. Here's the dialogue for when they enter the world:

Dave: Why is it so colorful? Penny: We entered the Gaming Era, Master Dave. Dave: So I can play a something whenever I want? Penny: Pretty much, but the zombies seem to want to play, too.

Here is a reminder:


1: 2009 (Earth, The Present, duh.)

2: Ancient Egypt

3: Pirate Seas

4: Wild West

5: Far Future

6: Dark Ages

7: Gaming Era

8: Kung Fu World

9 and beyond: Other worlds

More will be released as we find out more. See you soon! --Bloomerang53249 (talk) 01:15, April 5, 2014 (UTC)Bloomerang53249

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