Plants vs. Zombies Wiki


"Hurricane Winds" World

The "Beach" World? BETA


Day 1: Cattail - 125 - Fast

Day 4: Junior Melon - 150 - Fast

Day 7: Rash Berry - 50 - Sluggish

Day 10: Strawberry-Pult - 450 - Fast

Day 13: Sweet Pea - 175 - Fast

Day 17: Lawn Hedge - 300 - Very Slow

Day 20: Seashooter - 225 - Fast

Day 24: Aloe Vera - 25 - Sluggish

Premium - Umbrella Leaf - 100 - Sluggish


Swimwear Zombie

Conehead Swimwear Zombie (wears ice cream cone)

Buckethead Swimwear Zombie (wears sand pail)

Surfboard Zombie

Snorkel Zombie

Sand Castle Zombie

Beach Ball Zombie

Submarine Zombies

Zombie Shark

Shark Rider

Beach Gargantuar (crushes plants with speedboat)

Zomboss Beach-Go-erk

Ambush: Hurricane!

Brain Buster: Sun Rays

-Under Construction-

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