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  • KirbiMiroir

    Hi, everyone! This is KirbiMiroir speaking, and I've come up with ideas for PVZ Heroes cards. I hope you like them!

    This page will be updated with more plants and zombies over time, even though I am aware that not all of these ideas will make it to the game (I don't even know if ANY of them will). Thanks for your support!

    The Mega-Grow class specialises in raising the stats of plants and using Bonus Attacks. Its representatives are Green Shadow, Chompzilla, Grass Knuckles and Captain Combustible.

    • Classification: Pea Plant
    • Stats: 5, 1, 5
    • Abilities: After combat here, this does three Bonus Attacks.

    I got this idea from the Espresso Fiesta card. Sure, he has below-average stats and is poor at dealing with Heroes, but with stat boosts (which Mega-Gr…

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  • KirbiMiroir

    Okay, here are some concepts I had for Garden Warfare characters prior to the confirmation of Garden Warfare 2. I made two - Wall-Nut, a tank class to rival the All-Star, and Knight Zombie, a Melee class to rival the Chomper. Below are detailed descriptions on each class (I haven't decided on the cooldowns for the abilities yet).


    The basic Wall-Nut has 200 HP. His design uses his appearance from PvZ1 and PvZ2, albeit with numerous vines which let him walk around. He has a "Coconut Buster" attached to his side - this is his primary weapon. The Coconut Buster fires milk at a moderate pace and has infinite ammo with an overheat penalty, like the All-Star's primary weapon, dealing good damage up close and suppression at mid-to-long rang…

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  • KirbiMiroir

    What do you think of the different character classes in Garden Warfare?

    Here are my opinions!

    • Peashooters: I. LOVE. THEM. I mean, there's a reason I'm at Rank 14 with the class! I have access to the standard Peashooter, the Fire Pea (my current favourite character, I may add), the Ice Pea, the Toxic Pea, the AquaFina FlavourSplash Berry Shooter and the Legends of the Lawn Plasma Pea. All of these characters are great at front-line assault and sniping foes with the Pea Gatling. The Hyper ability is great for escaping combat or getting to objectives quickly. I also like Chilli Bean Bombs - you never know when they can come in handy for thinning out a horde!
    • Foot Soldiers: I'm only at Rank 4 with the Foot Soldiers, but I like them a lot! I have …
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  • KirbiMiroir

    Basically, in the comments, you say a way to counter the previous person's choice of good plant with your own reason. Something a little like this...

    Fire Peashooter: I can shoot fireballs and warm frozen plants!

    Pepper-Pult: Oh yeah? Well I can warm plant and shoot lobbed fireballs!

    Melon-Pult: Well, I have lobbed shots too - they're so strong I have no need to warm plants!

    Winter Melon: Well I have all that firepower AND can chill zombies!

    Citron: I can one-hit a Gargantuar with my Plant Food ability.

    Sunflower: And without me none of you would be here. Case closed.

    So let the games BEGIN!

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