• Kim kid34

    My PvZ

    October 3, 2010 by Kim kid34

    Ummmmm,where should i start?

    Ah,at adventure,it seems the Roof levels get harder and harder *scratches head*,but then i stopped playing it at 5-4 and started playing three modes,Minigames,Survival modes and Puzzles

    heres my summary

    What i play on Minigames?

    Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick:Typically not bad all,only need fast thinking.

    Last Stand:A sandbox-esque type of minigame,you may experiment on your choiced weapons.

    Wallnut Bowling 2:Better than first version,Giant nuts are epic with vaulters.

    Dr. Zomboss's Revenge:My most favorite minigame,i beat it 6 times

    so thats all on my blogs,see ya next time

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