Hi there this is my idea for a DLC in garden warfare called "It's about time" which is split into 4 parts with one part every 2 weeks. Each part has a new map and 2 new variants with one per class. Sorry in advance if this is long and boring.

New Maps

Part 1: Ancient egypt: Has little huts and house and lots of pyramids.

Part 2:Wild west: Some saloons and mountains everywhere.

Part 3:Far future: Lots of futuristic houses everywhere.

Part 4:Dark ages: Villages and hard to see.

New spawnable zombies

Torch Zombie: Burns player and potted plants. Very rare 

Tomb Raiser Zombie: Fires bones at plants. Uncommon

Chicken Wrangler Zombie: Once hurt. CHICKENS!! Very rare

Prospector Zombie: Jumps high in the air to avoid plants. Common

Shield Zombie: Protects nearby players with shields which give them more defense. Somewhat rare

Jetpack Zombie: Floats low over plants while firing lasers. Common

Knight Zombie: Ubsurdly high defense. Rare

King Zombie. Imps push him around while he upgrades zombies with buckets and helmets. Very rare

New Potted Plants

Bloomerang: Shoots a boomerang. Common

Iceberg Lettuce: Freezes a zombie. Uncommon

Threepeater: Shoots three zombies at once. Rare

Coconut cannon: Shoots a powerful coconut at zombies, takes a long time to recharge. Rare

Lightning Reed: Can Zap multiple zombies. Common

Melon-Pult: Lobs powerful melons at zombies. Rare

Laser Bean: Shoots lasers that pierce zombies. Uncommon

Citron: Fires a massive plasma ball, must recharge. Very rare

Magnet-Shroom: Steals metallic objects from zombies. Uncommon

Sun-Bean: When a zombie eats it you can get health when you kill it. Disguises as a different plant for real players. Rare

New Playable Zombies

Future Soldier: Shoots holo bullets that pierce plants.

Bull Star: Fires bull horns. I need ideas on what its special is XD

Potionist: Can boost zombies defense by shooting potions.

Chef: Fires rotten meat.

New playable plants

Still thinking of ideas :P


The story would be zomboss has created an army of weaponized zombies to get crazy dave's brain but dave has accidently put plant food on peashooter, sunflower, chomper, and cactus to mutate them so dave and the plants have to go through the neighborhood stopping zomboss and his zombie horde.


So that is my idea on this DLC i want to see if you guys like it or not. :)