• Kidpikmin2000

    Hi there this is my idea for a DLC in garden warfare called "It's about time" which is split into 4 parts with one part every 2 weeks. Each part has a new map and 2 new variants with one per class. Sorry in advance if this is long and boring.

    Part 1: Ancient egypt: Has little huts and house and lots of pyramids.

    Part 2:Wild west: Some saloons and mountains everywhere.

    Part 3:Far future: Lots of futuristic houses everywhere.

    Part 4:Dark ages: Villages and hard to see.

    Torch Zombie: Burns player and potted plants. Very rare 

    Tomb Raiser Zombie: Fires bones at plants. Uncommon

    Chicken Wrangler Zombie: Once hurt. CHICKENS!! Very rare

    Prospector Zombie: Jumps high in the air to avoid plants. Common

    Shield Zombie: Protects nearby players with shields whi…

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