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Wallpaper and wordmark request is currently CLOSED. Request again when open.
More will come in the future! If you want to suggest a plant (or maybe something) that I should feature in a wallpaper, just comment below and stay tuned for more! Thanks!
If you want the wordmark or a wallpaper, just comment below and I can make one! Just enter the following below using this format:
*Username:<input user name here>
*Text: <input text here>
*Custom Color: <input color here>
*Plant: <input plant here> (exclusively for wallpapers only)
*Area: <input area here> (exclusively for wallpapers only) (if not mentioned, a default area will be placed)



  • TheShadowFlower

  • IMCR8Z

    • Request #1

      • Text: I bet you didn't think I would return!
      • Plant: Blover
      • Area: Far Future
      • Custom Color: Red
    • Request #2

      • Text: Save the Sunflowers!
      • Plant: Sunflower (without costume)
      • Area: Ancient Egypt
      • Custom Color: Red
  • EPICMAN7556

  • DeathZombi

    • Request #1

      • Surprise!
  • Xenons

  • Starfruity

  • PvzFanatic


  • None yet.




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