The aquants lets you plant aquatic plants on the ground or flower pot. 25 sun

The aquant is very scared of zombies. He is so scared, he goes wee-wee with water once he's got planted in the battlefield. He is also a half-grown melon-pult.


Catcloud lets lobbed-shot plants on them. When you put any kind of pea shooter it will shot the sky or a baloon zombie. 125 sun

"I'm glad I don't get eaten by any zombies. Just the baloon zombie," says the Catcloud."Just have wife and a few kids."

Coconut Tree

The coconut tree drops coconuts. It takes a very long time to drop another. 375 sun

"I am so mad!" says the Coconut tree"I could've been in Jamaica or Coasta Rica!"

Fire Loop

Plant these on a Catcloud and turn it into a Fire Loop! Fire loops turn any lobbed shot into a meteorite and spreads extra damge. 200 sun

The Fire Loop defies gravity .It just does. When one scienctist weighed it, it was -41 lbs. That remains a mystery.

Root Spinner

A roof spinner is planted on the left side of the pool. It makes a big wave and slows zombies on the pool. 75 sun

The root spinner is a cousin of a torchwood. One time, he got kicked out from someone's pool party. His cousin was there. He lit out.

Cooming Soon