• Kdt

    Brand new world and plants idea

    October 26, 2014 by Kdt

    The first world I thought of has to do with the roman coliseum Basically the Romans got infected and are now zombies and the zombies are

    Roman zombie which is the basic zombie in Rome

    Roman cone head zombie which is the cone head zombie in Rome

    Roman bucket head zombie which is the bucket head zombie in Rome

    Roman flag zombie carries a flag which is like the regular flag zombie only in Rome

    Centaur zombie kick plants in front of it but gets rid of them unlike mecha football zombie

    Roman warrior zombie take 5 hits from scardy shroom before dying no other plant can kill it if it gets shot it becomes more and more stronger it can be stronger than any zomboss

    Pompeiigranate shoots fire is based on a pomegranate

    Scardy shroom long range shooter hides w…

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