Hello, Kawaii_KidChu here, this is my first time on the wiki and I don't know much about it but this isn't the reason why you came here, you just want to read my ideas. O.K. lets get started.

By the way these are my original ideas.

World Ideas

Prehistoric Times

A prehistoric wasteland with bursting fire coming out of cracks on the ground, incinerating both plants and zombies. After a while new cracks in the ground will form. So watch out.

Feudal Japan

A large Zen Garden with random symbols marked into the sand which doubles a plants' ability, such as extra damage, toughness, sun production, etc. The plants will have a yellowish glow surrounding them.

Roman Colosseum

A stage set inside a colosseum with the audience throwing in random objects such as plant food and gear for zombies. Zombie class will change due to pickup.

Outer Space Planet

A rocky surfaced planet with craters formed into the ground. You may not plant in the craters.

More Coming Soon!

Special Worlds

Special worlds are worlds that do not interact with the story in any way and they cost either 10,000 in-game coins or 10 gems. Each world would at least have 12 levels, 2-3 new plants and a few special zombies.
This idea was just an idea I thought would keep the game a bit interesting. I mean, you don't really use the coins much in-game so why not add special worlds to spend those coins on!

Can you guys help me come up with special worlds? I'll give credit to whoever made each.


These plants are not in any specific world yet.


Logs are tough and they cover over two vertical tiles. They can be planted on both land and water. And for rolling zombies such as Barrel Roller Zombie, Logs will instantly destroy the rolling object and go to its final decade.
This could be the first plant that takes up two spaces in PvZ2.

  • Category: Amphibious
  • Toughness: High
  • Area: 2 Tiles
  • Recharge: Slow
  • Sun Cost: 125
When fed Plant Food, it gains a metal outer coat with 200 health. When armored, they can withstand a single Gargantuar attack.


Corals are aquatic plants that hurt any zombies that step on them and they gain extra damage when planted in water but they last a limited time when planted on land. They do destroy rolling zombies.

  • Category: Aquatic
  • Damage: Normal (land)/Moderate (water)
  • Area: Tile
  • Recharge: Fast
  • Sun Cost: 125
When fed Plant Food,Coral fills the row with white colored spikes poking out from the ground, pulling zombies to Coral for 4.5 seconds.

Yes this is all I have for plants.
More Coming Soon!


These zombies are not in any specific world yet. But you could probably guess which one they could belong in.

Pterodactyl Zombie

Zombie that attacks from above. (yes a prehistoric version of Bungee Zombie.)
  • Toughness: Solid

Mammoth Rider Zombie

Zombie that crushes plants with mammoth and blows away 1-3 plants in a lane.
  • Toughness: Machined
  • Speed: Stiff

Sabertooth Rider

Zombie that switches lanes on a sabertooth tiger. The sabertooth runs away after rider is dead.
  • Toughness: Dense
  • Speed: Speedy

Torch Juggler Zombie

Zombie that tosses torches at plants incinerating them instantaneously. They also set your plants on fire when close. When torched burned out, he will lob burnt out sticks at your defense dealing light damage.
  • Toughness: Solid
  • Speed: Average

Gladiator Zombie

Zombie with a shield which ignores freezing effects from Snow Pea.
  • Toughness: Solid
  • Shield Toughness: Hardened
  • Speed: Average

Trojan Horse Zombie

Pulls in a wooden horse containing 3-5 (blank) Imps. Wooden horse will stop when puller is dead.
  • Toughness: Average
  • Speed: Stiff

War Chariot Zombie

Shoots an arrow with a target attached to it and then shoots a cannon ball at the targeted plant, leaving a crater afterwards. Stays behind all the zombies.
  • Toughness: Dense

More Coming Soon!

Hope you enjoyed. Chu <3