• Kawaii KidChu

    My PvZ2 Ideas

    April 12, 2015 by Kawaii KidChu

    Hello, Kawaii_KidChu here, this is my first time on the wiki and I don't know much about it but this isn't the reason why you came here, you just want to read my ideas. O.K. lets get started.

    By the way these are my original ideas.

    A prehistoric wasteland with bursting fire coming out of cracks on the ground, incinerating both plants and zombies. After a while new cracks in the ground will form. So watch out.

    A large Zen Garden with random symbols marked into the sand which doubles a plants' ability, such as extra damage, toughness, sun production, etc. The plants will have a yellowish glow surrounding them.

    A stage set inside a colosseum with the audience throwing in random objects such as plant food and gear for zombies. Zombie class will c…

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