Present Day


World population: 500 million

Zombies population : Unknown

   I guess you'll be a little surprised when you reached the fourth line. Zombies? That's nothing, for me! 

   It seems like you're curious about the word "Zombies". Well then, keep on reading to find out! 

It all started in the year 2125, when factories are rising continously. Trees are extremely rare. Reason: They have been chopped down. All of them. Scientists and biologists all over the world have made an effort to make every one to plant more plants. Result: Factories 1-0 Plants. Sadly, nobody joined in the operation. The amount of carbon dioxide had increased by 200%. The Earth was getting hotter and hotter. Dead people are everywhere. "Thanks" to that, the Z virus, which turns human into zombies, have grown freely. They can even affect to dead people. That's why graveyards are literally deadly! But biologists have created a formula that fuses human and plants. I know, it sounds crazy. These Plant-man can destroy the zombies easily with the weapons they had. They can also create plants.

   I am one of them

(End of Beginning)