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September 10, 2011
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  • JohnLemon34

    Gargantuar takedowns

    September 12, 2011 by JohnLemon34

    Seriously, I like the strategy 8 Cattails+2 Spikerocks+ 2 Winter Melons. It blocks the Gargantuar for a while, slow down, and if one thing hit his head, he will be in problems.

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  • JohnLemon34

    A little bit strange...

    September 11, 2011 by JohnLemon34

    Why does Potato Mine can do so many things? He can take half health of a Gargantuar, kill every zombie, explode a Zomboni and even take down the entire Zombie Bobsled Team! And even cost 25 sun? Awosome!

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  • JohnLemon34

    I seriously love Cattail. She's note only cute, but you just need one to kill lots of zombies. I also like Repeater, it gaves firepower enough to build defenses, but has an upgrade that can destroy a Buckethead Zombie in 12 and a half shots. Seriously, it's awosome. Garlic. I love this dude. It can explore the defenses of plants that can shot over them, as Gloom-Shroom and Starfruit. And also help to get a great part of the Split Pea, without having a Digger Zombie on the way. But it's awful against Gargantuars and Zombonies. Well, that's all, dudes!

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