I was really pissed at myself because I was so stupid! This is the third time I get a Game Over in Big Bad Butte. I just couldn't help but lament on it. I cannot believe myself. I should've brought Lightning Reed during that moment. I'll be honest, I didn't knew Chicken Wrangler Zombie was there so I only brought the ff.

But then, unexpectedly, Chicken Wrangler suddenly appeared after I killed the first Western Zombie, it appeared. Then blow it away with Blov-Bean combo. To my surprise, Zombie Chickens appeared on my lawn that caused my Game Over. I'M SO PISSED!! REALLY REALLY REALLY PISSED!!! NOW IT'S BACK TO SQUARE ONE AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Sorry guys, I just can't accept my defeat especially in higher levels of this EZ. In just 4 hrs, I was able to get to level 50. Big Bad Butte is my most favorite of all. I just can't accept it all.

Note to self:Always bring Lightning Reeds whether there's a Chicken Wrangler or not for extra safety. GAH!!! How stupid I am!!