That's right!! Today is my first anniversary of staying in this wiki! I feel it. Once again, thanks to all the people who welcomed and helped me in this wiki. I remember Ancient Egypt was my first mainspace edit here as I get started hohoho and even Wintermelon43 who welcomed me first in ze wiki. But now, he's a memory that has to be forgotten for granted.

People who are Worth Thanking

I will be listing the following who I think are special. However, this section may or may not also include enemies.

  1. Someone456
  2. Brainulator9
  3. MignightHawk
  4. DeathZombi
  5. Buzzy Buzz
  6. Uselessguy
  7. Starfruity

Reviewing 2014

Let see. Welp, I am a regular user starting from the day I joined up to April 24. Not much of a crisis except MVZMW rages to death because of his mass racism to asian countries that forced him to leave the heck out of the wiki, where from April 24, I was hailed as an official Rollback. Sometime after, I waited for two months of derping around as a rollback followed by a five-day advancement, I became an Admin of this wiki.

I never thought my arousement to this point would cause drastic changes. We even had NASA vs. ZN723 "Trashtalking battle" where tensions grew worse between two, a berserking fish that became so agressive in almost everyone in the wiki after Wintermagnet trashtalked him to death, save for those whom he likes that much, a demotion thread to IMCR8Z, ZN723, Wintermagnet, NASA, and even BUL9 with NASA and WMAG got demoted for good, an arrival of a newsman I usually call, Buzzy Buzz in this wiki, and a farewell commemoration to PeaMan, Migday Falcon, PvZBeast1234, and Randomguy3000. Usefulguy as well emerged and proved himself to be of worthy in our community as well with his hasty edits and constant active participation to the community, and an avid vandal fighter who isn't scared to undo revisions from even his superiors. Sometime after this point, I also made some improvements and proposals already from which were some, carried on by Usefulguy.

6 months after, I finally made up my mind to what BUL9 said, run for Bureaucrat. Although I said to myself that admin powers will be my final, I couldn't even fully agree to that vow as I myself want to try Bureaucrat powers. Powers that should be handled with great responsibility but thankfully supported by many. Finally, I'm thankful to the wiki itself despite its flaws, the fun still never dies. So there you have it. My thankful speech in PvZ Wiki. May you all prosper with knowledge, wisdom, and courage. Enjoy PvZ as much as you can bruddahs! Don't worry, I won't go down to insanity like any other users who raged in this wiki to death and left for granted after all, it's been a great year and thanks for being part of it!

The people and the friends that we have lost, or the dreams that have faded... Never forget them.

Yuna, Final Fantasy X'