They say, life in college is very different from the life you had in elementary and high school days. College life is also the best highlight of your life but to me it'a high school life that has the best highlight. There's not much of a work in high school except for Projects before the end of a trimester or quarter and for studying hard for College Admission Tests, Mastery Tests, and Periodical Examinations. This was my life when I was a senior HS student.

My HS life is composed of bonding with friends, going out with them on a mall for movie and cosplay conventions. And yes, it only revolves on that particular event. When I was in high school, in terms of explorations, I'm only limited to places such as Ortigas, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, and stuff. My father is still used on picking me up when I go home at 4 although I could really syand up with my own feet. Every Christmas Party, there's always of course the gift exchanging and promo giving at our school. Then we go to our classmate's condominium for a Video Game party which is done yearly. There was even a time back at my graduating year, I got up in a very serious trouble in a cosplay convention where I almost been charged and acussed of stalking. I also ended up beaten alive by the bouncers and the broher-in-law of the woman whom I was courting. This part struck me the most in my high school life that affected my studies so much that every second it haunts me like a Ghost Pepper as I remember it. A few months afterward, it was now year 2014 and everything has changed. We were to take an intense military training in Falcon Crest, Norzagaray Bulacan. I had so much fun when our batch took it although it gave me a week of fever and iron deficiency in the end. Fast forward, the Graduation day!! It was the best highlight of my life. Who would've never though I would be able to graduate and finish my HS studies in spite of what happened back at the year 2013-2014.

Another fast forward!! Ta-da!! College life!! Welcome Far Eastern University!!! My dream school!!!! I never thought that this university would open its doors to me and I realizes that I'm not limited in my places anymore. I mean, I have reached the main part of Manila. I never thought the entire city would give me a new background of my life that would pave way to more challenges that would await me. Yes!! Right now I'm at college! And yes!! The approach is different. I have to pay every term (instead of every semester because of my course) and who would've never though that I would meet up new friends and professors. The atmosphere of studying has also changed and you really have to submit all things on time and you can't even to afford procrastinating as there are no second chances if you failed. My social life has also expanded. I'm no longer limited and also, I give thanks to the tickets to watch University Athletic Association of the Philippines games live!! I met new friends from different universities as well. I never thought college could be this awesome also. Nevertheless, I'm blessed to study in one of the prestigious universities in my country and I'm proud of it.

All I have to do is to strive for the best, study hard to make up with what I've done to myself in HS, and to make my parents proud. College life is different than the HS life, survival is the key to your sucess!!