Le Big Bad Butte by JemCel03.

Although Miles has already written several tips on how to get to higher levels of Endless Zones, I would like to make as well on my own accord. Also, Big Bad Butte hasn't been written by Miles yet, therefore I'll take the opportunity on making one this time. Pman has already made his. Before I begin, I would like to thank masters Rfm767, Hitori Dakeno, Dinh Huong Vou (I hope I got it right), and JHINHPO CHI for your gameplays uploaded in YouTube. The five of you deserve credits for helping me reach to the highest levels of this Endless Zone. It took me two Game Overs here in my iPhone while four on my Mom's Android Tab before I get this high. Now then, let's get started.

Welcome to Big Bad Butte and to all other users there!! By the way, when I say BIG, I mean BIG challenges await you and also BIG surprises await you as you enter the Endless Zone!! You will encounter the roughest, toughest, meanest, wildest, and craziest varmints of the western lands and nation!! Before you go there my dear and start slaying those varmints I suggest reading the entire blog post I made. Don't make Uncle JemCel mad!! Huehuehuehue!! (Ohh boyy. I'm getting in to this Cowboy stuff lately.) Now let's wind things up. You want to get to level 100 and beyond am I right? Sure I am! That's why I'm helpin' ya out. That means, you want to become pro as well in this Endless Zone. Don't you? Ohh sure you want to. Come on don't be shy, I'm here to help ya out!


  • Cowboy Zombie
  • Conehead Cowboy
  • Buckethead Cowboy
  • Flag Cowboy Zombie
  • Prospector Zombie
  • Pianist Zombie
  • Poncho Zombie
  • Chicken Wrangler Zombie
  • Zombie Chicken
  • Zombie Bull
  • Zombie Bull Rider
  • Wild West Gargantuar

Worst Gargantuar-with-any-zombie Tandems or Team-Ups

Over the course of my gameplay and observations, I conclude that here are the following

  1. Zombie Bull + Wild West Gargantuar = I bet you know the reason already why. Wah!? You don't know!!? Zombie Bull has a Bull Rider and the same goes to Gargantuar. Aside from that, While Gargantuars absorb damage, Zombie Bulls on the other hand will charge forward then throw their Bull Riders to you, you don't want that. Your Tall-nut might become useless unless there are enough mine carts on the rightmost columns to deal with the Bulls, "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" PULL IN YOUR HORNS!!!
  2. Chicken Wrangler Zombie + Wild West Gargantuar = What would you expect? Chicken fest on your lawn. Watch out a chicken running at full speed can devastate a wonderful setup and your Melons will end up doing a friendly fire like manner or hit themselves with their own melons as well. Other than that as Gargs take damage, Chicken Wranglers will come closer for provocation. WORST OF ALL!!!
  3. Pianist Zombie + Wild West Gargantuar = While you have to switch from one column to another, Gargs are there to smash them and Pianists will roll 'em over. Cowboys are gonna be like in a Disco for a dance.
  4. Prospector Zombie + Wild West Gargantuar = WORSE than Bulls and Pianists, the old men of yesterday will jump on to the back of your lawn and start eating at your beloved defenses. Then, Gargs will continue on and SMASH YOUR BRAINS!! Jig is up!!
  5. Le triple threat, Chicken Wrangler Zombie + Prospector Zombie + Wild West Gargantuar = This is one of the worst expectations for a line up especially if more mine carts occupy the lawn, you will end up getting in the neck in just one mistake. Careful strategy on this one. and the WORSE IS YET TO COME
  6. FEARSOME FOURSOME, Prospector Zombie + Chicken Wrangler Zombie + Zombie Bull + Wild West Gargantuar = Now you're getting close to being a goner. Believe me, this is the worst of all you'll totally panic on the scenario especially if it is a FOUR FLAG LEVEL!! Fight like Kilkenny cats! If you feel like using Power-ups Don't be afraid to do so!! Everyone must sacrifice the money they've earned a lot to survive and after all, money is part of survival as well ;)

Recommended Plants

I recommend to use the following plants for your disposal out there sheriff! I based them all according to my own opinion

High Priority

Medium Priority

Low Priority

Nuff said. Let's go on to ze strategiesszz!! Let's kick some zombies and STOP beating the devil around the stomp!! Don't be afraid and who knows you might be able to turn up the tides in just one snap of a finger. Don't be overconfident, overconfidence will make you go back to level one. You don't want that once you started already unless there's a good reason. Now let's move on to the strategies.

Strategy 1

Listen up sheriff!! You don't want to say goodbye to your brains. Your skills are put on to the test. Don't let the zombies mock you outta misery. Prove 'em wrong!! Show them who has the fastest plants in the West!! Take these plants to your disposal.

By judging the set-up, this might be from a low level. Don't be surprised, sometimes it will give you four flags, that's where Melon-pults come to a use. Assuming there's Chicken Wrangler Zombie at this time and you don't have Lightning Reeds. OHHH NOOO!!! It's a suicide right? Wrong. Check the seeds you have. There's Repeater, Wall-nut, and Spikerock. "But there's also a Prospector Zombie!" Simple, Spikerocks go behind and put one Spikerock on a minecart for dealing with Zombie Chickens, move it wisely for sure. Repeaters may take care of the chickens but it's not enough I tell you, that's the reason why I put Spikerock on the possible slot. "O-M-G! A garg!!" Delay it with Spikerock. You know what to do and how to delay it.

Strategy 2

Rfm767's. Nuff said. I'll provide an alternative strategy for this one. Depending on the set-up of your lawn, it may, may not help you at all, or less likely to help you at all

Rfm767's strategy

JemCel03 strategy

Why did I put Chili Bean? It's an alternative Jalapeno for me as you can stun a whole row of zombies, leaving you enough time to clear them all out. Lightning Reed of course, you need it for those chickens. Wall-nut on the other hand, lessens the burden but don't forget to replace immediately. Tall-nuts, obviously for Bulls.

Depending on the look of your lawn, you may at least provide two columns of Winter Melons. IF you have no spaces, replace Twin Sunflowers but make sure first that you have to farm enough amounts of sun. If you have Power Lily, you can with ease but remember, it's saved for Last Resort purposes. But what if there's Gargantuar? Replace Pea Pod with Melon-pult and Chili Bean with Cherry Bomb.

Strategy 3

This strategy focuses on how to deal with annoying old coots. They're extremely annoying especially if paired with Chickens, Bulls, or even worse, Gargs. If there are no Gargs, then pick up these. Alternatives are also provided

First Case (no Chickens)

Your mind might bother you, why should I place my Spikerocks behind? This is because those old coots are slow, one Spikerock is enough to kill them especially if they all jumped in numbers. Put it there in-case one slips through. At least, you're somewhat aware but if you don't want, you can use Blover.

Second Case (with Chickens)

Le no Winter Melon strategy

This is a complete suicide for some but this can also help you a lot, so long as you know what you're doing. Here's how it's done.

First Strategy

Now we're getting ready, set-up your Twin Sunflowers already, feed them with Plant Food if necessary. If it is a three or four flag level you may require to consume Plant Foods then restore them each wave. Now, as always, plant the first Potato Mine on the first Cowboy Zombie that will appear. In higher levels if you do this make sure you have Imitate for Twin Suns or Power Lily. Other than that, Sometimes a deadly zombie might appear, be it Chicken Wrangler, Prospector, or Zombie Bull, set-up the Tall-nut (Wall-nut for no Bulls.) Place the Snapdragons BEHIND the Wall-nuts for safety. Set-up your first Melon-pult on a mine cart then your Snapdragons behind the nuts so they can provide protection already. Don't forget to repair the nuts or else....

Second Strategy

If ever Gargantuars will appear, then here's to you.

Now, if you feel that it's a three or four flag level bring these with you or say goodbye to your brains boy! As to hasten the death of Gargs, you need to fill the third column with Melon-pult becuase normally, we only fill it with Spikeweeds or Spikerocks, or Twin Sunflower at all for our sun needs. Also, third column is used as a landing spot for Zombie Bull Riders thrown by the Gargantuars. Just a reminder Gargs are faster than those in PvZ1. That's why I recommend Boosted plants that can freeze an entire zombie horde. Keep the gargs Immobilized by using a boosted Kernel-pult.

Common error, gamers use Blover first before Cherry Bomb ending, Zombie Bull Riders ate your Melon-pults. Use Cherry Bomb first before Blover. If you have used it on the first set of Bull Riders that were thrown, wait until the Blover is fully recharged then blow the gargs of with Cherry Bomb, then blow the Bull Riders away with Blover, it lessens the chance of getting collateral damage on the backmost column of the lawn.

Third Strategy

This one involves dealing with once again, the annoying old coots. Here are the following plants that you need to bring for your disposal. Good luck sheriff!

OK! The tendency is higher since there's no Winter Melons to disable their dynamites.The purpose of having Spikerocks on behind becomes even more useful that before. Bad for you if you encounter a lawn that is almost occupied at every angle. Anyway, to lessen annoyance, blow the horde up with Cherry Bomb and Jalapeno. But if there are Chicken Wranglers to deal with can be of burden but with Snapdragons, Zombie Chickens will turn into ash instantly. Pianists may be able to bypass but the estimated chance ranges from 10-30%. There's nothing to worry about. Since you have no Potato Mines here or Chili Beans (if you have Jalapeno), plant your first two Melon-pults already after spending some Plant Food for twin suns and your first two Snapdragons. Then you can take the rest of the level. Watch for the possibility of Gargs! If that's the case bring an extremely powerful fan.


This blog will be updated overtime. It's not yet done actually, I'll supply another set of strategies maybe by tomorrow or two (If I get the chance, however, the chance ranges approximately from 40-85%.) Other than that, if you feel you have no chance of winning, you can visit the Zen Garden and come back but do that during Seed Selection. The Eigthth slot is reserved for Imitater and Power Lily.

Farm power-ups especially Power Toss, it's more efficient than the Power Snow. This is because Power Snow may be able to kill Gargs but other zombies from its back may survive at all, Power Toss relentlessly tosses them away, while Gargs are pushed back from the start.

If you're using Imitaters, have Blover, Twin Sunflower, Power Lily, Jalapeno, Cherry Bomb, or Potato Mine for candidates. Other than that, if you have Power Lily, you might need to have a Tile Turnip with you. It is really helpful as not just the zombies for each wave will give you Plant Food, you get to replace excess ones with Tile Turnip. You feed one plant with Plant Food and any other plants that are also on the Power Tile placed by the Tile Turnip will get a boost without spending another Plant Food.

Once again, Special thanks to the five people who helped me reach level 100 and beyond. Right now, I'm at level 145.