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300 Levels into Dead Man's Booty

JemCel03 September 24, 2015 User blog:JemCel03
DMBJemCel Level300

JemCel03, already at Level 300 on Dead Man's Booty

It wasn't really a very very great effort for me to exert on. I promised myself that before Side B is released, I'm already at level 300 onwards. It didn't go well. I have to wait prior to the Imp Cannon bug again. If that bug didn't occur, then I might have fulfilled the promise. Because the bug occured, I got no other choice but to get the Side B update of the game since it's the only option left other than restoring to my previous back-up. Can't blame unexpectations and lags anyway.

On the other hand, I would like to congratulate myself from exerting that much effort in Dead Man's Booty. So far, I never had recieved any game overs from this Endless Zone except during the Zombot Tomorrow-tron update where all of my streaks in Endless Zone suddenly restarted to level 1 with Terror from Tomorrow being my highest Endless Zone record ever I have attained (level 236 to be honest). Feel free to view the rest over the gallery below. I might make a "Become a Pro" guide over here and in other Endless Zones if I get some time. I might post another congratulatory blog post in Big Bad Butte as well.


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