This account is now 3 years and 1 day old and my body is now 16 years and 4 days old. I have been sick for the past four days but I have been on for 3 years now. However, the next two weeks, exams are coming on. The first week I need to focus on studying and the second is when the exams go on. I know I sound so geeky but I would like to be a physicist when I leave uni (and a comedian).

I'd say wish me luck but first of all, that would be arrogant and second, according to popular belief, saying your wishes out loud won't make them true. I don't believe in wishes or annoying popular culture but I thought I should make that joke.

In my years of being here, I saw this wiki evolve. It used to be a target for spammers with a few users, like Minh, MVZMW, MignightHawk and I, stopping them. Soon, Someone joined and we became very good friends since then. The wiki is now a very busy one and there are too many edits to patroll.