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World Ideas for PvZ2

Itsleo20 January 7, 2015 User blog:Itsleo20


I linked some things. BE AWARE THAT IT'S LINKED TO THE MOST SIMILAR PLANT/ZOMBIE if it has been renamed.

World War 2


Gas Leek

Flax Jacket

Umbrella Leaf

Bamboo Shoot: 650 sun, 5 tile range, 45 damage (Costume) PLANT FOOD: Fires 5 spiked balls onto random tiles. These explode in a 3x3 area when triggered.

Gloom-shroom: 250 sun PLANT FOOD: Sprays huge fumes in a 5x5 area

Pumpkin: 100 sun 



Artichoke Drone: 25 sun, cannot be eaten by ground zombies, light damage, can hit aerial, disappears after 45 seconds. Plant Food: Fires 3 artichoke missiles and resets time before disappearing, Costs 109 Gems 

Doomsday Bomb Mushroom: 500 sun, DEALS 180 NDS TO THE WHOLE SCREEN, insanely sluggish refresh Costs 200 Gems

Gourd Roller: Costs 80 Gems

Gatling Pea: 450 sun, PLANT FOOD:  Shoots 240 peas. Costs 200 Gems


Uniformed Zombie: Wears a uniform.

Uniformed Conehead Zombie: Cone is now camo.

Uniformed Buckethead Zombie: Bucket is dome-shaped.

Rocket Jump Zombie

Machine Gun Zombie: Walks 4 tiles then fires 15 shots. Reloads for 15 seconds before walking again. Stiff speed.

Zombie Howitzer: Fires an explosive every 15 seconds to a random tile. Deals 45 NDS.

Paratrooper Zombie: Can be blown away by Blover

Gargantuar Artilleryman

Grenadier Imp

Balloon Zombie: Weakness: Blover and Cactus


Trenches: Similar to paths in PvZOL.

Paratroopers!: 1-5 Paratrooper Zombies land.




Umbrella Leaf

Chilly Pepper: Freezes lava tiles


Ice-shroom: 75 sun

Doom-shroom: 250 sun

Brocoali: Can be planted in lava

Plantform: Allows plants to be planted on lava.


Lavacado: TBA


Roman Zombie

Roman Conehead: Has "SPQR" on its cone.

Roman Buckethead: Bucket has a "SPQR" flag on it.

Legionnaire Zombie: Carries a shield and wears a legionnaire helmet.

Cavalry Imp: Rides a horse. Gets launched off when it meets a plant.

Centurion Zombie: Summons 4 Legionnaire Zombies in a plus formation.

Cyclops Zombie

Javelin Zombie

Jupiter Zombie: Throws lightning bolts in a fashion similar to Lightning Reed's costumed Plant Food ability.


Eruption! Flaming rocks land on random tiles, leaving lava, can be blown away by Blover.

Night world.

Feudal Japan



Bamboo Cage: 75 sun; Captures up to 5 zombies that get in a 3x3 area of it.


Samurai Zombie

Ninja Zombie: Walks a few tiles, then slices forward 3 tiles, dealing 2 NDS. Has Protected toughness and Flighty speed.


Middle Ages



Mounted Archer Imp

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