I am planning a Youtube series for PvZ on my channel . It focuses on what happened before the events of the PvZ games; before Peashooter became famous.

You can audition if you want.

Some Important Information



Peashooter: The leader. The one with the crush on the cute girl. (Voice by Flipfan)

Sunflower: The cute girl.

Wall-nut: The clumsy oaf. (Voice by EMPeachy4)

Potato Mine: The closest friend of the leader. (Voice by itsleo20, originally byWinterMagnet)


Peashooting Family

Repeater: The older brother. (Voice by EMPeachy4)

Flaming Pea: The popular older sister.

Snow Pea: The male twin of the older sister. (Voice by Awesome wiggler )

Threepeater: The brother with split personalities. (Voice by Rx2MikeyWIKIA )

Ice Queen Pea: The royal mom.

Gatling Pea: The drill sargent dad. (Voice by itsleo20)

Beeshooter: A cousin who can't talk.

Water Pea: A female cousin.

Split Pea: A cousin. (Voice by Mister Stay Puft)

Sun Family

Twin Sunflower: The popular older sister.

Sun Pharaoh: The royal father.

Power Flower: The hippie mother.

Nut Family

Tall-nut: The more mature older brother.

Infi-nut: The hyper-intelligent younger brother. (Voice by ItsZee )

Iron Maiden: The super-strong mom.

Pistachio: A cousin, 'nuff said.

Acorn: That creepy kid who never talks.

Pea-nut: Another cousin.

Pult Family

Winter Melon: The dad.

Melon-pult: The stronger brother.

Cabbage-pult: The middle child; a friend of Peashooter. (Voice by Shroomy05)

Kernel-pult: The eldest child. (Voice by Mister Stay Puft)

Popcorn-pult: The eldest child's twin. (Voice by Mister Stay Puft)

Slice-pult: The youngest child.

Bell Pepper-pult: The angry brother.


Bean family

Sun Bean: The eldest child. (Voice by VGKing1)

Coffee Bean: The chatty youngest child.

Chili Bean: Coffee Bean's twin; The smelly kid who farts a lot. (Voice by ItsZee)

Laser Bean: Angry middle child.

Spring Bean: Lazy and popular.

Chomp Family

Chomper: The dumb sidekick of the oaf.

Venus Flytrap: A pizza delivery guy. (Voice by CompliensCreator00)

Flyswatter: An exterminator.

Reptillian Family

Snapdragon: Competes with Peashooter for Sunflower's affection. 

Water Dragon: Younger sister.

Lizard/Chameleon: Older brother. (Voice by Mister Stay Puft)

Shrooms Family

Puff-shroom: A ninja; youngest child. (Voice by ItsZee)

Fume-shroom: Gets picked on; middle child, a tough guy. (Voice by Cyberplant3332)

Goop-shroom: Fume-shroom's twin, has allergies and a mucus problem. (Voice by Shroomy05)

Scaredy-shroom: A wimp; has omniphobia. (Voice by Flipfan)

Sun-shroom: Puff-shroom's twin sister.

Gloom-shroom: Depressed father.

Doom-shroom: Grumpy uncle. (Voice by Cobalt D. Badwolf)

Magnet-shroom: "Attractive", accident-prone. (Voice by Mister Stay Puft)

Hypno-shroom: Eldest child; a hypnotist. (Voice by Cobalt D. Badwolf)

Gold Magnet: Greedy uncle.

Ice-shroom: An uncle.

Sea-shroom: A cousin

Clover Family

Blover: A really lucky girl.

Four-leaf Blover: Older brother.

Shamrock: Backup dancer.

Shamrockstar: Rockstar.

Pepper Family

Pepper: Burps a lot.

Jalapeno: Extremely angry; eldest child.

Chilly Pepper: Very depressed; middle child.

Rose Family

Saturn Peach: Very irritated; youngest brother. (Voice by EMPeachy4)

Heavenly Peach: Only sister; middle.

E.M.Peach: Oldest brother.

Cherry Bomb: Twin rockstars.

Bamboo Family

Bamboo Shoot: Older Brother. (Voice by Shroomy05)

Bamboom: Veteran; Father.

Bamboo Cage: Younger Brother.

Bamboo Slash: A ninja.

Citrus Family

Citron: Infi-nut's colleague, hyper-intelligent. Polite. (Voice by Cobalt D. Badwolf)

Bad Orange: A very mean bully, another one of Squash's sidekick. (Voice by EMPeachy4)

Other notable plants

Imitater: The drama teacher; Potato Mine's father.

Squash: The leader of bullies.

Beet: The bully's sidekick. (Voice by Niksdorfv)

Bonk Choy: The bully's sidekick's sidekick.

Tile Turnip: A DJ. (Voice by Ninja Penguins)

Iceberg Lettuce: Cutest boy in the grade. (Voice by Shroomy05)


Torchwood: Flaming Pea's boyfriend. (Voice by itsleo20)


Zombies: Dimwitted minions. (Voice by Mr. Boss-inator)

Dr. Zomboss: The evil genius. (Voice by Cyberplant3332)

Imp: Annoying minions. (Voice by Angry3456)

Chickens: Annoying pets.

Brian: A flag zombie. (Voice by Mr. Boss-inator)


Season 1

Episode Synopsis Creator
Pilot Peashooter enters Middle School with his best friends; Peashooter develops a crush on Sunflower. Itsleo20
Double Trouble The pea twins argue whether fire or ice is better. Itsleo20
Depressing Matters Chilly Pepper's depression rubs off on all the students. Itsleo20
Smart and Smarter Wall-nut is annoyed when his younger brother, Infi-nut, returns from college. Itsleo20
Chickened Out Chickens overrun the school; Wall-nut attempts to play football, despite not having any arms. Itsleo20
Boy Meets Girl Peashooter becomes jealous when Sunflower hangs out with Snapdragon. Itsleo20
Robot Rampage Mechanical zombies attack the town. Itsleo20
Gargantuan Task Wall-nut accidentally defrosts a prehistoric Gargantuar tribe. Itsleo20
Sone Gone Wrong Sunflower's new song becomes viral for the wrong reasons. Itsleo20
Rock Bottom Peashooter and Sunflower become stranded in a pit;Wall-nut tries to prove rocks have a bottom for his science project. Itsleo20
Forceful Forcefield Infi-nut invents a forcefield that prevents anyone from leaving or entering the school; Zomboss gets his hands on this technology. Itsleo20
Snappy Comeback Snapdragon returns to get revenge on Peashooter; Wall-nut tries to come up with good comebacks for an argument club. Itsleo20
Lucky Blover A new student, who is very lucky, shows up; Peashooter takes an interest in Blover. Itsleo20
PIZZA!!! Wall-nut tries to get free pizza. Itsleo20
Yeti Ready Wall-nut convinces his friends to hunt for the elusive Yeti Zombie. Itsleo20
Suburban Book Peashooter finds a copy of the Suburban Almanac. Itsleo20
Very Peachy Saturn Peach tries to become nicer. Itsleo20
Magneto Magnet-shroom tries to be a superhero. Itsleo20
Arthur's Challenge Peashooter and Sunflower go on a quest. Snapdragon717
Butter Solve It Someone has been spilling butter in the halls and Cabbage-pult blames Kernel-pult. Shroomy05

Season 2

Power Toss

Potato Mine messes with a Power Toss; Peashooter tries to improve his strength.  Itsleo20
Hypnotize Peashooter enlists Hypno-shroom's help to win Sunflower over. Itsleo20
Acorny Joke Tall-nut tries stand-up comedy; Sunflower freaks out when Acorn starts stalking her. Itsleo20
Allergy Season Goop-shroom's allergies intensify. Itsleo20
Solar Power Sunflower powers a solar-powered invention, but some damaging side effects plague her. Itsleo20
Oh Shoot! Bamboo Shoot has trouble controlling his aim and ends up destroying the school. Itsleo20
Sneakout Despite being grounded, Peashooter sneaks out to go to a concert with Sunflower. Itsleo20
Vampyro A vampire Imp plagues the town. Itsleo20
Zomboogie Down A Disco Zombie holds a dance contest for the zombies. Itsleo20
Lifesaver Duel Peashooter and Snapdragon compete to see who can gain Sunflower's affection by saving her life. Itsleo20
Runway Runaway Sunflower has stage fright when she finally has her own live concert. Itsleo20
Illuminutty Wall-nut believes Infi-nut is in the Illuminati. Itsleo20
Reality Warp Dr. Zomboss creates a device that warps reality. Itsleo20
Justin Gatling Gatling Pea runs a race. Itsleo20
Faces Off Wall-nut tries to investigate Chomper's lack of a face. Itsleo20
The Pizza Mystery Wall-nut uncovers a dark secret about his favorite pizza restaurant. Mister Stay Puft
Icy Curse Peashooter warns Sunflower about Icerberg Lettuce's curse; Sunflower ignores his warning. Shroomy05
Split Up Peashooter's cousin, Split Pea, turns out to be the god of the underworld and afterlife. Mister Stay Puft
Enter the Illuminut TBA (A secret plot I do not want to disclose) Itsleo20
Almanac Secret TBA (A secret plot I do not want to disclose) Itsleo20

Season 3

Pea-Mech Ready TBA (A secret plot I do not want to disclose) Itsleo20
Leaves of Wealth  Marigold enrolls in the school, but when everyone discovers her great money-making talent, they force Marigold to make coins for them. Shroomy05
Knights of the Ground Table Unwelcome guests crash Sun Bean's medieval-themed party. Itsleo20
Virtually Impossible Zomboss creates a game that whoever plays gets stuck in it; Peashooter and Sunflower decide to play it. Shroomy05
Switch! Infi-nut's new invention accidentally switches Sunflower and Peashooter's bodies. Shroomy05
Springing Up

Spring Bean tries to gain popularity after Twin Sunflower gets all the attention, but his laziness avoids him from doing so.

Type One Zomboss creates the prototype for the Zombot. Itsleo20
Prime Defense Zomboss orders the construction of an army of Gargantuar Primes. Shroomy05
Network Party While his parents are away, Puff-shroom holds a Lawn Area Network party, but things get out of hand. Shroomy05
Lost Diary  Sunflower's diary is lost and Wall-nut helps Peashooter to find it. Itsleo20
King Rot's Curse Wall-nut accidentally unearths a Pharaoh Zombie and many mummies. The Zombie O.O
Counterfeit Marigold discovers that she's been producing fake coins all this time. Shroomy05
Snappotage Snapdragon attempts to ruin Peashooter's date with Sunflower. Shroomy05
X-treme Bean Spring bean drinks a mysterious energy drink turning into him into the most active and fastest plant in the world. Mister Stay Puft
Control Freak Magnet-shroom's magnetic range becomes insanely powerful due to a rare event that occurs every 100 years. Now Magnet-shroom can attract every metal from Suburbia to Zombitorium, even the heavy ones! Shroomy05
The Midget's Birthday When nobody shows up to Imp's birthday party, he gets mad and causes chaos. Angry3456
Legend of the Lily Peashooter, Sunflower, Wall-nut and Potato Mine explore the mysterious forest in order to find the legendary Power Lily, that gives out rare golden Plant Food. Shroomy05
Mission Impossible Sunflower tries to prove that she can be really risky in order to join the "Cool Club" by stealing Zomboss's plan sheet, but she ends up being caught. Shroomy05
Zombie Time Zomboss unleashes his ultimate plan; a time machine brings Wizard Zombie to the present and he hypnotizes Sunflower to be Zomboss's slave; Wall-nut and Potato Mine are stuck in the Endless Skies. Shroomy05

Season 4

Necromancy Snow Pea accidentally chants a spell from Peashooter's almanac and causes zombies to rise. Shroomy05
Siege Zomboss stages a massive attack on Suburbia. Itsleo20