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Season 1

Pilot (Complete)

Character/object Line/action

Gatling Pea

*Voiceover* WAKE UP MAGGOT!
Peashooter *tired* Uhhhh, okay.
Gatling Pea *Voiceover* Today's your first day of school! Don't be late.
Peashooter *Calls down hallway* I'm coming!
Peashooter *gets up and walks down stairs*
Repeater Hi little brother.
Peashooter What do you want?
Repeater To give you some tips. Don't talk to anyone, don't look at anyone, don't smell anyone, don't...
Peashooter Bye! *opens door, walks out and slams door*
INTRO *Plays*
SCHOOL Peashooter gets out of his dad's car and walks to school.
Cabbage-pult Hi Peashooter!
Peashooter  'Sup.
Peashooter *Walks into school*


*close up* Hi Peashooter! Good to see you! I'm over here! 
Peashooter Really dude? *zooms out* *turns out Peashooter is right next to Wall-nut*
Potato Mine 'Sup.
Wall-nut Hey Peashooter! There's Sunflower! See? Over there! Hey! I see chicken nuggets! *runs away*
Peashooter *looks at Sunflower* *blushes*
Potato Mine Dude, you're drooling. Can you hear me? *slaps Peashooter*
Peashooter Ow! What was that for?
Potato Mine You were drooling when you were staring at Sunflower.
Peashooter *dreamily* Has she always been this cute? *continues staring at Sunflower*
Potato Mine *rolls eyes*Most of the males in our grade stare at her, so yes.
Wall-nut *hops back over* Guys, I got you chicken nuggets! Wow, Peashooter, your face is turning green!
Potato Mine It always has been. *whispers* He's still an idiot.
Wall-nut Oh. Well, I'm off to homeroom, see ya!
Potato Mine Peashooter, we better get going, we'll be late to homeroom.
HOMEROOM Bamboom is teaching history.

Okay class, I'm sure I don't know most of you, so let's play the name game!

Class *groans*
Squash *whispers to Beet and Bonk Choy*  *laughs*
Beet and Bonk Choy *laughs*
Bamboom *walks up to Peashooter* You.
Peashooter Me?
Bamboom You better not be like your troublemaking brother, Repeater. I'll be watching you, mister.
SKIP TO LUNCH Peashooter, Potato Mine, Chomper and Wall-nut are sitting at a table together.
Sunflower *sits next to Peashooter* What's up?
Peashooter *embarrased* Um, uh, I gotta go. *rushes to bathroom*
Sunflower What's with him?
Potato Mine *sarcastically* I dunno.
Wall-nut I have no clue!
Chomper *continues eating*
Sunflower *shrugs* Oh well.
MEANWHILE Peashooter is peeking in from the hallway.
Peashooter *Breathes in and out* Okay, I have to be cool.
Peashooter *walks in* *shyly* Hey Sunflower, wanna go to the movies?
Sunflower Sure, what movie?
Peashooter Um, maybe Terror From Tommorow? It comes out tonight.
Sunflower Okay, see you at 6:30. *walks away*
BELL *rings*
AFTER SCHOOL Peashooter, Wall-nut and Potato Mine are walking home.
Wall-nut Dude, you asked her out? That's awesome!
Peashooter Yeah... I'm nervous.
Potato Mine Try not to be. It will make you look dumb.
Wall-nut Yeah! It will!
Peashooter Thanks guys.
Potato Mine No problem.
AT THE CINEMA Peashooter and Sunflower walk in.
Peashooter *Walks up to the ticket booth* I'd like to see Terror From Tomorrow, 2 tickets.
Booth Guy Sure. *hands him the bag.*
Sunflower and Peashooter *walk to the movie*
AT THE MOVIES Peashooter and Sunflower are sitting next to each other.
Peashooter *awkwardly* So, um, want more chicken nuggets?
Sunflower Sure.
MOVIE CHARACTER NOOOOOOO *brains being eaten*
Sunflower *screams*
Peashooter *awkwardly puts arm around Sunflower* *whispers* I love you.
Sunflower What?
Peashooter Uh, nothing.
LATER THAT DAY Potato Mine and Peashooter are sitting on Peashooter's porch.
Potato Mine So how'd it go?
Peashooter I think she likes me.
Potato Mine I guess she does. After all, she agreed to go on that date.
Peashooter Yeah.
IN THE HOUSE Gatling Pea is watching TV. 
TV You are watching the boring black and white movies channel.
Gatling Pea *Looks around for remote* Kids! I can't find the remote and I refuse to stand up!
TV The movie begins in 5, 4
Gatling Pea Kids?!
TV 3, 2 
Gatling Pea No no no no NO!
TV 1.
Gatling Pea NOOOOOOOO!!!!!