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Itsleo20 September 3, 2014 User blog:Itsleo20

Fire Gourd: Charges up and breathes massive damage fire.

White Radish: High health and punches zombies.

Beeshooter: Shoots homing bees.

Heavenly Peach: Constantly heals, but heals less health than Heal Flower.

Carrot Launcher: Fires high-damage homing carrot missiles at the farthest zombie on the map, but switches to attack the farthest player (if the player is a zombie) if there are any.

Carrot Missile Truck: Fires four carrot missiles that home in on zombies.

Beet: Deals devastating melee damage.

Magic Vine: Throws magic balls that slow zombies down and deal more damage to armored zombies.

Aspearagus: Fires stalks over a very long distance.

Venus Flytrap (PVZOL): Holds a zombie hostage, and slowly digests him.

Clap Grass: Slaps nearby zombies, dealing low damage.

Dandelion (PvZ2): Throws homing bombs at zombies, dealing splash damage, may miss.

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