A Note

15th is the worst, 1st is the best.


15: The "Fus Ro Dah"-er

Chard Guard makes an excellent staller. I prefer this over Spring Bean because it has more health, can push more at a time, and has a faster reload. Blover and Hurrikale can be used to blow away tossed zombies. Only issue is its Plant Food ability sucks.

14: The Plant From Little Gift Shop Of Horrors/Have a seat

Chomper was useful in the first game, but the introduction of Toadstool made it quite useless. Toadstool is MUCH better. For 50 more sun, this thing has a longer range and can produce sun. Too bad it's also premium.

13: The Divert Agent

Garlic was involved in many of my Survival strategies. It worked well with Starfuit and Gloom-shroom, not to mention the face zombies made. Sadly, the nerf in PvZ2 ruined it.

11: The Derpy Fruit/The Corn Mortar

Cob Cannon's sheer damage made it a useful plant in many Survival strategies. Banana Launcher is the PvZ2 replacement for Cob Cannon. It is cheaper and recharges faster.

9: The Orange Armor

Pumpkin was absolutely beast with Gloom-shrooms and Chompers, improving the longetivity of those powerful platns. It also helped protect nuts and other vital plants.

8: The Free-zer

It's free and can temporarily stall zombies. Plant Food is useful against hordes. Not recommended for Frostbite Caves.

7: The Landmine

A great starting plant and the Plant Food is great against groups. Ghost Pepper and its Primal variant make this useless, however, but I still recommend it as a substitute.

6: The Sad Sprayer

Gloom-shroom was awesome. It dealt heavy amounts of damage and worked great with Garlic. Unfortunately, now we have Phat Beet.


These three tied, due to all of them having some advantage that the others did not have but still retaining the same sun output. 75 sun for these cheap costs is quite nice and I prefer these over Twin Sunflower because of this.

4: The Edible Hologram

Despite its low health, Infi-nit regenerates over time and refreshes faster than Wall-nut for only 25 more sun. Plus, Infi-nut's Plant Food is the counter against Fishermen.

3: The Bedsheet

Before Primal Potato Mine, this thing was pretty much a staple. Unfortunately, the inability to be eaten allows zombies to walk through and Primal Potato Mine packs more power.

2: The Dragon Pun

While it may not excel on its own, Snapdragon is useful in groups. The amount of damage the group does is amazing. Combined with Infi-nut's barrier and Spikerock, this plant is immensely useful.

1: Chainsaw

I loved to use Potato Mine throughout the original game and was a fan of it in the second game. But now, Popcap went and made the best instant use plant ever! For 50 sun, you have a 90 NDS 3x3 area plant with only 5 seconds of charge time. This thing has got to be the most OP plant of all time.


15: The Metal Thief

While useful in the first game, Magnet-shroom has become useless in the second game. It was meant to counter Knights, but Zombie Kings granted helms too quickly for Magnet-shroom to counter.

14: The Spring Trap

It is only useful in Pirate Seas and for "Spring Blovers". Otherwise useless. Should be replaced by Chard Guard.

13: The Not Anymore Tangled Pile

While I would be disapointed if it didn't return, this thing is pretty much useless since BWB is full of groups, not to mention only can be used in BWB.


1: The Syrup Lover

It is overpriced and has too slow of a refresh. Plus it is overtaken easily by the hordes.