SPOILERS! (duh, not that there are many)

  1. This occurred over a TACO.
  2. Toilet paper has not been invented yet.
  3. Roadcones have not been invented yet.
  4. Ra Zombie is not Ra.
  5. I doubt Egyptians had cabbages.
  6. Or boomerangs.
  7. We interrupt this PvZ game to bring you Galatic Tornadoes from Super Mario Galaxy. (I'm talking about sandstorms)
  8. What's a Chinese cabbage doing in Egypt?
  9. Too overpriced.
  10. Tomb Raiser Zombie has a stupid name that could've been avoided if it was called "Anubis Zombie" like its hat symbolizes.
  11. Iceberg Lettuce. Ha ha. Puns.
  12. Also, the cuteness is not what freezes zombies; it's the ICE.
  13. Pharaohs can survive instant kills.
  14. Repeater cannot upgrade to Gatling Pea (not counting Plant Food).
  15. Gargantuar is a jerk to Pharaoh Zombies.
  16. That Imp is not a cat.
  17. Notice how gargantuar's right foot does not move when he smashes a plant.
  18. Twin Sunflower is unlocked this early.
  19. Where did Zomboss get the technology?