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My (IZ's) Technics in the game


When you only have 75 sun, do this.


Use this when you only have 50 sun.


Do this when you need more fun.


Zen Garden Jalapeno or Cherry Bomb is make action when a Gargantuar or a Zomboni make him death.


Use the garden rake for gargantuars, bucketheads, and football zombies.


Aquatic and night plants give you 3 gold coins after bug spray or phonograph.


Do this when you need multiplayer or mouse-click defense. this is not cheap, but you will able to make it in Survival: Endless!


In Column like you see 'em, plant Potato-Mine to the left side of the screen, to make 2 lines of the last defense in the roof.


Column like you see'em perfect planting at first flag


In Column Like You See'em, Plant the 3 Squashes to the left side of the screen in the last flag.


Use Twin-Sunflowers to make ultimate sun. Plant Wall-Nuts to the right side of the screen for football zombies, and bucketheads. Use Chomper. Chomper is very useful.


Gatling peas and Snow peas is very useful in one lawn. Freeze zombies, and shoot 4 peas, so 5 peas shooted one time when a zombie appear in this image.


Zombatar zombies loves brains too. They eat your brains and not go back because you created it!

Me using these technics in the game without cheats. look the images and read their caption.

Submit your technics!

Submit your own technics! (Don't forget writing the caption!)

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