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  • Imachomperandiknowit

    Hello! Sick of using Power Ups for Travel Log stuff? Can't find that perfect level with the perfect amount of zombies, but it's not too hard? Well this guide is for you! This guide will give you easy-ish levels without using Power Ups! (Note: this guide only provides tips for world specific zombies. No bucketheads or Conehead quest tips or anthing like that.) Remember, if you're gonna lose a level, don't be afraid to lose if it means getting closer to finishing a quest! :) Whenever I mention 'Gargs', I'm referring to Garantuars.

    Pinata Partys will also provide almost all Quest Zombies.

    TIP! If you play Endless Mode to find a Zombie, try to make sure that there are no Gargs. To do this, on the pick plants screen, if the zombies on the right do…

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  • Imachomperandiknowit

    Wow! It's been one full year since I joined the wiki! It's been a good year! So why not celebrate my milestone with a Q&A blog? It may take some time for me to answer, so if you want to see my reply, check back in about 24 hours. (Stupid school.) Anyway, ask me anything!

    Rules: None yet. I may sey limits if I see certain questions, I will set limits for the questions.

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  • Imachomperandiknowit

    This blog is for you to say which plant is your favorite! Here you can state your opinions, why your plant rocks, or other stuff. As long as in follows the Wikia's rules, of course.

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