I've never tried these before, but I've read tons. Now it's MY Turn. MUAHAHAHA.


Phat Beet

A good replacement for Gloom-shroom from the first game, just a tiny bit nerfed. Good for killing kicking punks. Also for Glitter Zombie.

Celery Stalker

A backstabbing plant is a great idea from PopCap, especially the fact that it could almost kill a buckethead. Also, its great for Gargs when you stall the Garg by spamming plants in front of it while Celery Stalker is behind it, backstabbing him.

Thyme Warp

If it didn't heal zombies, it would be great. If a Garg threws its Imp and is close to your house, it is definitely worth using. If you plant this right when a zombie dies from eating a Chili Bean, it will stand in the back, doing nothing. A great glitch for getting rid of Buckethead Zombies.


A classic plant returns, but gets nerfed ALOT. It only takes like 5 or 11 bites before dying, and Punks can still kick them. Well, at least PopCap remembered him.


This. Plant. Is Awesome. Need I say more? Well, I guess I do. This plant is GREAT for those pesky Arcade Zombies, and plant food is OP, like Bonk Choy. Spore-shroom 2 plant foods = Garg = Spore-shroom. Wow. That's pretty much all I can say. Wow.

Intensive Carrot

A plant that revives plants. I knew PopCap would eventually do that. Well, reviving a Winter Melon after a Garg threw it is a great strategy for those higher endless zone levels. It COULD, and I say COULD, be a little bit like Pumpkin if talking about that strategy. Overall, it's a great plant. 


Hey, they remember this one too, but unlike Garlic, instead of being a Peashooter clone like the first game. They upgraded it to be both  part nail in Bloomerang's coffin, and part Spikeweed! And that's what I call upgrading a plant!

Electric Blueberry

Hey, don't mock me because I bought it, even though it is for $6.99. EA IS PRICY. Now let's talk about what it does: It basically targets a random zombie. Now, I LOVE this plant. ABSOLUTELY. LOVE. IT. But, it nevers targets the zombie I want. It always targets the basic trio, and not the Garg that's about to eat my brains. I bet pretty soon PopCap will nerf this plant to now do 2 CLOUDS to kill a Garg, like they did with Fire Peashooter.


Punk Zombie

I personally think that PopCap actually thought of an UNIQUE ability for this zombie. It kicks a plant back, and 2 seconds later, boom. it's gone. I personally like this zombie, but can sometimes be REALLY annoying.

Glitter Zombie

Ok, so... how do I describe this zombie... hmm.. how about... an.... OP ZOMBIE. This zombie can even protect a GARG. A freakin' garg. Now, this zombie's looks is basically a Nyan Cat clone... or should I say... Nyan ZOMBIE.

MC Zom-B

Most users HATE, and I mean it, HATE this zombie because of his ability when his jam plays. He spins his mic and can insta-kill a Infi-nut SHIELD (I'm pretty sure) but to me, he really seem like that much of a threat. The only time I hate him is when he destroys my Electric Blueberries. GOD, I HATE THAT.

Hair Metal Gargantuar

God, this guys ability. Say bye to your Wall-nuts! Because Hair Metal Gargnatuar is comin' to town! This guy, I mean, he's like a Gargantuar Prime, with 2 abilities. But really, his jam BARELY plays, so really when its not playing, Electric Blueberry can 1-hit him. (If you have it :P)

Breakdancer Zombie

Basically a Jester clone but with a different ability. He shares the rap jam with MC Zom-B, and he really can help me sometimes. He kicks a Garg, (how can he even do that?), and Blover time! It's gone. Thanks Breakdancer! He sorta saves the day for me. :P

Arcade Zombie

He is an Imp Porter and Troglobite clone. He looks like a geek, (not surprising), and summons 8-bit Zombies. But when there's more than 5 arcade machines, you know you're screwed. It's happened to me multiple times.

8-Bit Zombie

Just your regular old zombie variants. OH GOD THERES TOO MANY--- AH-- (Technical Difficulties)

Boombox Zombie

This guy, I really think he's.... well... easy. His jam lasts 4 seconds... and I can still pwn him with plant food. I really don't worry about him too much... I mean if there's multiple... that could be a problem.

Zombot Multi-stage Masher

First of all... this Zomboss has FIVE-- COUNT IT, FIVE-- bars of health. But they are short. He is five forms---Punk, Metal, 8-bit, Pop, and Rap. Not Ballad. Why? We don't know. I hate the speakers attack he has--- (maybe thats to make up for not having ballad jam?) And that other thing he can do... is that like a 1 or 2-lane power-toss, but you lose your plants, you can wipe out a Gargantuar, not having to spend coins and YOU are not doing it in the first place? Well, yep. And those Neon Zombies next to him... I mean, you need more music than that to do those jams... well I guess that's PvZ Logic. Wow.

Well, thanks for reading my reaction to EVERYTHING Neon Mixtape Tour! :D :) :P