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  • Iliketrains455

    crap crap crap 4 days late im just gonna pretend i didnt forget-- oh your here hi

    It's been 2 years (and 4 days) since I joined Plants vs. Zombies Wikia.

    I've made a lot of friends here, and on Discord (I'm really active there, I'm an owner :3)

    I've grown to like this wiki and stayed here even through its dark age (basically 2016.).

    memes :)

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  • Iliketrains455

    Remember when this was relevant? Yes, this means I am returning. This is a rebooted version of the original WIWWTP but much more relevant. Here we go!

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  • Iliketrains455

    The Wall-nutshack

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  • Iliketrains455

    This wikia is constantly losing users and slowly this wikia will die... I was inactive for a few months but I'm back! :D

    But seriously... I'm going to to try to list all the people who left this Wikia in 2016... Tell me if I missed any in a comment.

    - Elemec (Light Bomber)

    - Revern (Lapis Lazulli)

    - Crazyzombie168 (Requested to die.)

    - Dr Crzzy Dave

    - God named ARUGAL (Dont let go)

    - Maxus Overlord

    - Bearjedi?

    - Milesprower2

    Well, that's all I can think of at the moment.

    So many people leaving this wikia, as well for so many famous people dying this year...

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  • Iliketrains455

    1,000 Edits!

    February 16, 2016 by Iliketrains455

    I got 1,000 edits!


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