• Icey778

    Recently the majority of people who play PvZ2 have been troubled by the difficulty in PvZ2. Hi, I'm still a bit new here, but I just want to bring in discussion a possible reason why BWB is hard. 

    It isn't the zombies, it's the plants. They are underpowered. BWB has just now woken us up about this. The plants that are good for BWB just seem to not do enough damage. Even melon feels useless in endless zone. Magnifying grass has a bad disadvantage. Ghost pepper is an insta-kill. Instead of attacking the zombies we should have looked at the plants. Useful plants like Snapdragon are declining. As evidenced in the endless for BWB the plants seem to feel weak. Why? Because they are underpowered. They are underpowered. So what do we do? 

    We need a …

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