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Sunken Pyramid: List of Encountered Enemies

Normal zombies classes (all variants included)


Bite!: Deals N damage.

Trip: The zombie doesn't watch his step and trip over a rock. Nothing happened. He's so dumb.

Flag Zombie

Brainz Bite!: Deals N damage.

War Cry: Charge: 2 turns. Summons 2 Zombies for aid.

Conehead Zombie

Bite!: Deals N damage.

Defense up!: Charge 2 turns. Takes 10% of his own health but recieves a 25% defense boost for 3 turns.

Buckethead Zombie

Bite!: Deals N damage.

Bucket heal: Charge 2 turns, Recovers 30% of his max hp.

Rogue Plants

Rogue Coconut plants

Coconut bullet! Deals N points of damage on target.

Rogue coconut plant leader

Explosive coconut!: Charge: 2 turns. Deals N points of damage on target

Coconut shielding: All allies take 30% less damage from all direct impact damage.

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