You guys might find it offensive but it must be done. At least Lolwutburger approves of it.

Here it goes.



Princess Celestia


Princess Luna



Princess Kitty

Crazy Dave

Princess Twlight



That princess who people sometimes ship with Shining Armor (I don't care about the ship here)

Shining Armor

Rainbow Dash

The story

Location: Equstria Central Castle

Time: 1845

What happened:

Applejack: According to the reports we have recieved, there has been people saying that there is one person who has decided to do the exterme. It seems that it goes against what most people here would ship. Finally, we also have tape on this ship to show. So do you have any comments about this ship?

Me: So is this ship happening?

Applejack: Supreme Lord Iamarepeater, this ship...

Princess Sparkle: Let me explain Applejack. Lord, this ship is happening. Apparently Agent Andrew Martins has shipped himself with Sunflower.

Me: (about to rage) Except for the Alicorn Princesses and Crazy Dave, anyone here who do not support this shipping, leave now.

(everyone except Rainbow Dash, Crazy Dave and the Alicorn Princesses leaves)

Me: WHAT IS THIS KIND OF SHIP? THIS SHIP GOES AGAINST THE LAWS OF NATURE! This ship is so unthoughtful and hurtful that I thought Queen Chrysalis manipulated that mutant to create that ship! AAMxSunflower? I don't think so! Somehow he has decided that they would kiss and be together! It's has taken everyone in the wiki here by storm!

Rainbow Dash: But this ship is better than same-gender marriage!

Me: Are you telling me that you support that ship?!

Rainbow Dash: Of course I do! Also, you would approve of same-gender marriage!

Me: Then you shove this dumb shipping up your a**! (throws pen of Judgemental Day) To hell with this ship! I want this ship to be eliminated! I hope that AAM f***** gets a total brainwash of this s***! I don't care what other people would say about me over this! I don't know why he has to think of such a ship!

(not complete)