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  • IZombieKiller

    I surpisingly went through 70 flags with this setup, they are some hiccups here and there, not perfect, sometimes I have to rebuild half of a lane, but other than that this lasted a long time (for me) the best out of this strategy was 30 flags, I edited a few things and went very nice. My friend suggested this to me and told me to pass it on if I went 70 flags up or higher. Cya! 

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  • IZombieKiller


    December 4, 2013 by IZombieKiller

    Hey y'all. Heres something for you :D

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  • IZombieKiller

    Its my way this time!


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  • IZombieKiller

    I have a couple PvZ strategys I want to share. This time, there are no cob cannons.

    [Survival Endless Flags 1-5] You well need:


    2.Twin Sunflower









    S = Sunflower/Twin-sunflower

    M = Melon-Pult/Winter-Melon

    M-P = Melon Pult with Pumpkin

    T = Tall-Nut

    G-P = Gloom Shroom with Pumpkin.

    N = Nothing

    Setup should looke like this:

    S  M-P  G-P  M-P  M-P  M-P  G-P  T  N

    S  M-P  G-P  M-P  M-P  M-P  G-P  T  N

    S  M-P  G-P  M-P  M-P  M-P  G-P  G-P G-P

    S  M-P  G-P  M-P  M-P  M-P  G-P  G-P G-P

    S  M-P  G-P  M-P  M-P  M-P  G-P  T  N

    S  M-P  G-P  M-P  M-P  M-P  G-P  T  N

    Other waves farther in Survival Endless sometimes include: Giga-Gargantuars, Zombonies, Bungee Zombies an…

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  • IZombieKiller

    Wintermelon43.. Enjoy!

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