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iPhone/iPod Achievements

BTW - this is the first time that I am writing a blog and/or walkthrough - please comment! I had some difficulties getting two achievements, namely Pyromaniac and Chill Out. So I decided to share my strategies (after I finally succeeded) :-)

To collect achievements, it is best to play in Quick Play

Pyromaniac has to be played at a night level (I finished the game in a day level, waking the Doom-shroom with a Coffee Bean, and didn't get the Achievement) x-(



Sunflower, Twin Sunflower, Sun-shroom

Potato Mine and Imitator Potato Mine

Doom-shroom, Cherry Bomb, Jalapeno

Kill the first few zombies with Potato Mines. If there is a group, use a Cherry Bomb.

Try to build a defensive wall from Potato Mines.

Use the Doom-shroom only for the last two waves.


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