As my user-name already says, I am playing in order to collect all iPhone/iPod Achievements.

And I had them ALL - I swear! :-)

Now I changed from user 1 to user 2, and when I changed back to user 1, all recently acquired achievements were gone. x-( x-( x-(

When I change user now, I come into a screen, I have never seen before (see picture). If I am not mistaken, then all the new achievements from the last update are gone (appear as not earned)
PvZ achievements


I am wondering what kind of bug this is.

Has anybody experienced the same?

(next episode) :-)

Definitely a bug

(did some "tests" in the meantime and came to this conclusion)

The bug I was reporting is structural, I earned two of the new achievements (from the latest update, from July), namely Last Mown Standing and Flower Power. Then I changed to an other user tapping the button “if this is not you, tap here”. After that I went back to the first user and got the screen below.

It looks like scrolling down a list of achievements.

The two achievement I had earned, have disappeared again.

Achievements scrolling