Hey, neighbors! Today, I decided to show my ideas for a new DLC for PvZ: Garden Warfare! It's called "Battle of the Future"

New Map: Bloom Base

This new map is set on the moon, where the plants have built a base which the zombies are invading! Playable in ALL modes, even Gardens and Graveyards. Here's how the level will go in Gardens and Graveyards mode:

  1. The zombies will start just outside the base, where the door will open and the party begins!
  2. The zombies will capture the Airlock, the Lobby, the Lab, the Testing Facility, and the Observatory.
  3. The zombies must then attempt to capture the Launch Pad, where they must obtain a rod of Unobtainum and take it to the rocket in order to destroy the Bloom Base

New Zombies

This new DLC features several new spawnable zombies, 4 new boss zombies, and a brand-new feature that zombies can use.

Spawnable Zombies

Note: These zombies only appear in Bloom Base. The only exceptions are the Shield Zombie and the Jetpack Zombie. 

Future Zombie (replaces Browncoat Zombie)

Future Conehead Zombie (replaces Conehead Zombie)

Future Buckethead Zombie (replaces Buckethead Zombie)

Holo-Flag Zombie (replaces Flag Zombie)

Holo-Shield Zombie (replaces Screen Door Zombie)

Rocket Blueprints Zombie (replaces Newspaper Zombie)

Mecha-Coffin Zombie (replaces Coffin Zombie)

Robo-Porta Potty Zombie (replaces Outhouse Zombie)

Bugbot Imp (replaces Exploding Imp)

Shield Zombie (creates a shield that can block out plant attacks, but can be destroyed from within)

Jetpack Zombie (flies high into the air where most plants can't hit it)

Garden Ops Zombies

These zombies only appear when playing Bloom Base in Garden Ops mode. Zombies with an * next to them indicate a boss.

Disco-tron 3000*

Robo-Cone Zombie

Mecha-Football Zombie

Gargantuar Prime*

Disco Jetpack Zombie (replaces Backup Dancer)

Beserker-Bot 9000 (replaces Blitzer)

New feature: Mech Zombies

A new feature in this DLC is that you can now find driveable mechs that your playable zombies can use when opening card packs. You can summon them via Zomboss Garages, which appear in Gardens and Graveyards mode and can be used to summon robot zombies. Below is the stats of each mech.

Robo-Cone Zombie

HP: 150

Primary Weapon: Rocket Propelled Cones (A rocket launcher type weapon that shoots slowly, but does HEAVY damage. Clip Size: 4)

LB: Cone Drill (Dig into the ground to create two temporary holes that zombies can use to quickly go between two places in an instant)

Y: Get out of the vehicle (Same for all other mechs)

RB: Cone Chomp (A very damaging bite from the Robo-Cone)

Speed: Medium

Mecha-Football Zombie

HP: 200

Primary Weapon: Future Lasers (A rapid fire laser cannon. Does very little damage and you move slower when it is being fired. Clip Size: 40)

LB: Push! (A charge attack that does 0 damage, but it pushes back plants and has a high chance of stunning)

RB: Charge! (Makes you move faster for a short time)

Speed: Slow

Gargantuar Prime

HP: 250

Primary Weapon: Laser Eyes (Never runs out of ammo, but overheats very fast and you can't move while shooting.)

LB: Stomp (Smash the ground near you with your two smashing arms of doom!)

RB: Botswarm! (Launches out a Bugbot Imp for support)

Speed: Very Slow

Disco-tron 3000

HP: 100

Primary Weapon: Disco Power! (Pea Cannon for the Zombies. Clip Size: 10)

RB: Disco Jetpack Zombies (Summons 2 Disco Jetpack Zombies to attack)

LB: No idea, could use some help here.

Speed: Fast

New Plants

Thought the zombies were having all the fun in this DLC? Think again! There are 7 new Potted Plants which are as follows:

Laser Bean: Shoots a slow moving projectile that pierces through zombies.

Infi-nut: Creates a shield bubble that keeps zombie attacks out.

Blover: Does no damage, but creates a gust of wind that can push back zombies. Great for defending Gardens!

EMPeach: Shoots electricity that deals very little damage. Can stun zombie mechs, though.

Jalapeno: Creates a firey explosion in a large area, but sleeps for a while between attacks.

Magnet-shroom: Steals metalic objects from AI zombies and can temporaliy short-circuit the weapons of player-controlled zombies.

Threepeater: Can aim at 3 zombies at once!