Howdy, neighbors! Today I will be sharing another one of my ideas for Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time worlds.

World Features

Based on: Garden of Darkness is a world based on the beta version of the original Plants vs. Zombies, and as such, updated versions of zombies from the beta appear.

World-specific mechanic: The player must use dirt pads, which are like Flower Pots, in order to plant on the ground in Garden of Darkness.

Surprise attack: Garden of Darkness has 2 surprise attacks. The first one is "DOGHOUSE!" which causes a group of Zombie Dogs to rush onto the lawn. The second is "BUNGEES!" I'm sure you can guess what that does.

World description: "It's 2007. The battle between plants and zombies as we know it today is about to be started by a man known only as 'George'. Can you defend yourself from a hoard of the undead of 2009's closest relatives?"

Other info: Unlike other worlds, the first level of Garden of Darkness is -29, and the number goes up for each level, until the Zomboss battle, which is Day 0.

New items

  • TBA new plants
  • 30 levels
  • 1 Zomboss battle
  • 1 Endless Zone

Difficulty: Very Hard


Beta Zombie

Z5 - Kopya - Kopya
Regular unused jacket-wearing zombie.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: "This zombies is a true menace. Ever since he was an Imp, he stole brains from Bungee Zombie and buillied the young plants. And people wonder why he was removed."

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -29

Conehead Beta Zombie

His unfinished cone helmet makes him twice as tough as jacket-wearing zombies.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: "He never noticed that he had a moustache. Yet he pulls parts of it. How can he not notice the moustache?"

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -29

Buckethead Beta Zombie

Z5 - Kopya (4)
His work-in-progress bucket greatly protects him from damage.

Toughness: Hardened

Speed: Basic

Almanac Entry: "Buckethead Beta Zombie loves painting, he loves painting so much he painted during tests, so he had to be removed. Now he's an angry brat who spray paints cars."

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -29

Flag Zombie

Garden of Darkness does not have it's own Flag Zombie variant. It instead uses the present-day Flag Zombie to mark huge waves.

Clown Zombie

Z6 - Kopya (2)
His jack-in-the-box contains an explosive surprise.

Toughness: Solid

Speed: Speedy

Special: Jack-in-the-box explodes, destroying every plant nearby.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -27

Bone Vaulting Zombie

Her bone can be used to leap over all but the tallest plants.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Flighty, then Basic (after jumping)

Special: Leaps over the first plant she meets.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -20

Beta Gargantuar

Ginormous zombie who is currently being bug-tested.

Toughness: Great (Although it has more health than other Gargantuars to compensate for the fact it does not have an Imp)

Speed: Hungry

Damage: Crushes plants with beta pole.

Almanac Entry: "This zombie just has gigantic hands, it's not even natural. We have asked him why that happens, but he doesn't say anything, weirdly."

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -15

Bungee Zombie

Bungee Zombies drop from above to steal one of your plants or to drop down a zombie.

Toughness: Protected

Speed: Flighty

Special: Steals a plant if not defeated in time.

Weakness: Umbrella Leaf bounces him away.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -27 (Suprise Attacks only) Garden of Darkness Day -12 (Stealing Plants)

Dog Walking Zombie

1916400 200226293213 6691642 n
Walks his zombie dog in search of cat brains.

Toughness: Average

Speed: Basic

Special: Releases his dog once defeated.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -10

Zombie Dog

Z6 - Kopya (3)
He's zombie's best friend.

Toughness: Fragile (but he still has more health than a Zombie Chicken, with 5 HP)

Speed: Speedy

Special: Released once a Dog Walking Zombie is defeated.

Almanac Entry: "Bark, bark!"

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day -14 (on it's own) Garden of Darkness Day -10 (with it's owner)

Zombot Beta Beast

The recently added destroyer from the Garden of Darkness.

Toughness: Undying

Speed: Hungry

Damage: TBA

Special #1: Launches a dog house to send packs of Zombie Dogs.

Special #2: Can drop Bungee Zombies from his hands.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: Garden of Darkness Day 0


Dirt Pad

Dirt Pads enable you to plant on the beta ground of the Garden of Darkness.

Special: Cannot be eaten by zombies, allows you to plant on the Garden of Darkness

Weakness: Destroyed by rolling and exploding zombies.

Costs: 50 Sun

Plant Food Effect: Same as Lily Pad.

Recharge: Very Fast

Almanac Entry: TBA

Inspiration: Screenshots of the earliest PvZ 1 betas show that plants had to be planted on brown circles on the ground.

Blueberry Battery

Blueberry Batteries shoot rapid-fire seeds at zombies.

Damage: Light (each berry)

Firing Rate: x4

Range: Straight

Costs: TBA Sun

Plant Food Effect: Same as Peashooter, but with seeds instead.

Recharge: Fast

Almanac Entry: TBA

Tree Hive

Tree Hives shoot bees that pierce through 4 zombies, doing more damage with each hit.

Damage: Normal (first hit), Moderate (second hit), Heavy (third hit), Huge (fourth hit)

Range: Multi-hit

Special: Damage increases with every zombie hit with one bee.

Costs: 350 Sun

Plant Food Effect: Same as Lightning Reed, except it uses a much more damaging swarm of bees and creates a wall of wasps in it's column that acts as an indestructible version of Infi-nut's force field for the duration of the PF effect.

Recharge: Sluggish

Almanac Entry: TBA

Ball Cactus

The Ball Cactus sprays razor-sharp needles in an area around it.

Damage: Moderate

Area: 3x3

Costs: TBA Sun

Plant Food Effect: TBA

Recharge: Mediocre

Almanac Entry: TBA

More coming soon!


PopCap Games for creating the images used and not putting them in the actual PvZ 1 game so they could make a time-traveling sequel so this blog could happen.

CoffeeCupProductions for creating the Beta Zombie's almanac entry.

The First Freddy Fazbear for creating the Conehead Beta Zombie's almanac entry.

The Zombie O.O For creating the Beta Gargantuar's almanac entry.

Ninja Penguins For creating the Buckethead Beta Zombie's almanac entry.