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Plants vs. Zombies 2 World Idea: Far Far Future

IMCR8Z January 9, 2015 User blog:IMCR8Z

Hello, neighbors! IMCR8Z here with yet another PvZ 2 world idea. Thanks to MordecaiGP for helping with this blog.

World Features

Based on: Far Far Future is a much more high-tech version of Far Future. As a result, the zombies from Far Future appear alongside the new ones.

World-specific mechanics: Power Tiles return from Far Future, but Far Far Future also has revamped portals from Portal Combat. Oh, and did I mention Far Far Future is at night?

Surprise attack: "BOTSWARM!" from Far Future returns, and another surprise attack called "SPACE TAXIS!" is present, involving futuristic taxis flying above the lawn and dropping off zombies before flying away.

World description: "Welcome to the year 2999. As zombies celebrate the new new millennium with portals, you're stuck with staying at home and defending your new year brains from the undead of the further future."

Other info: All of the zombies from Far Future reappear in Far Far Future's levels, except that the normal Future Zombie, Conehead Future Zombie, Buckethead Future Zombie, and Future Flag Zombie all wear the future glasses from PvZ 1. The only zombie from Far Future that does not appear in any of Far Far Future's regular levels is Gargantuar Prime, who only appears in the Endless Zone.

New items

  • TBA new plants
  • 48 levels
  • 1 Zomboss battle
  • 1 Endless Zone

Difficulty: Expert


Scientist Zombie

His prototype tele-pack lets him teleport into your defenses once he encounters a plant.

Toughness: Solid

Speed: Speedy, then Basic (after teleporting)

Special: Teleports past the first plant he meets.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: TBA

Ice-O-Tron 3000

His hovering ice machine crushes plants and leaves an ice trail.

Toughness: Machined

Speed: Stiff

Damage: Crushes plants with ice machine.

Special: Leaves an ice trail.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: TBA

Zombie Hoversled Team

Arrives in a group of four once an Ice-O-Tron 3000 leaves an ice trail.

Toughness: Protected (Hoversled), Average (each zombie)

Speed: Speedy (on ice), Basic (on land)

Special: Arrives in a group of four on a hoversled.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: TBA

Robo-Bucket Zombie

Sends out a shockwave to damage all plants around it.

Toughness: Machined

Speed: Creeper

Special: Slams into the ground to damage plants in a 3x3 area around it.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: TBA

Furnace-Tron 9000

The Furnace-Tron 9000 uses a flamethrower to roast your plants.

Toughness: Machined

Speed: Stiff

Special: Burns plants in a 3x3 area ahead of it instead of eating them.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: TBA

The Tomb-inator

Fires a laser to raise tombstones.

Toughness: Machined

Speed: Stiff

Special: Creates tombstones.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: TBA

Time Traveler Zombie

Arrives in a mysterious box to bring zombies from other eras.

Toughness: Protected (time machine) Average (zombie)

Speed: Hungry (in time machine), then Basic (after landing)

Special: Arrives with zombies from other time periods.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: TBA


Cybernetic zombie who's here to have a blast.

Toughness: Great

Speed: Creeper

Damage: Crushes plants with cybernetic feet

Damage: Randomly explodes tiles with rocket arm.

Special: Fires off Bugbot Imp when damaged.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: Far Far Future Night 24

Zombot Tomorrow-Tron Mark II

The portal-opening pain bringer from the Far Far Future.

Toughness: Undying

Speed: Hungry

Damage: Missile attack destroys power tiles.

Special: Can open portals to send zombies across the lawn.

Almanac Entry: TBA

First Appearence: Far Far Future Night 48



Plasma-Shrooms shoot holo-spores that do more damage the higher a zombie's health is.

Damage: Moderate-Light

Range: Straight

Area: 1x1

Costs: 150 Sun

Plant Food Effect: Shoots 30 holo-spores very fast.

Recharge: Fast

Almanac Entry: TBA

Unlocked: TBA


Zap-Shrooms zap zombies that step on them.

Damage: Moderate

Range: Multi-hit

Special: Can't be eaten by zombies, electricity chains to other zombies.

Weakness: Crushed by rolling zombies.

Costs: TBA

Plant Food Effect: Same as Spikeweed and Spikerock

Recharge: Fast

Almanac Entry: TBA

Unlocked: TBA


BFP-9000s charge up and fire powerful plasma blasts that rip and tear zombies.

Damage: Very Huge

Range: Straight

Area: 3x3

Costs: 575 Sun

Plant Food Effect: Same as Citron, but with a much larger plasma ball that will not stop until it hits 2 robotic zombies or Gargantuars.

Recharge: Sluggish

Almanac Entry: TBA

Unlocked: After Far Far Future Night 47

More coming soon!