Hello, everyone! Today, I will be sharing my speculations about Time Twister!


I think Time Twister will be on the present day front yard, with zombies, mechanics, and surprise attacks from all worlds. Before you ask me how the Pirate Seas water lanes would work, ever heard of the pool?

Surprise Attacks

In addition to the surprise attacks that are already in the game, Time Twister has a few new ones at it's disposal (in no particular order).

  • DUCKIES!: A bunch of Ducky Tuber Zombies of all kinds will rise from the water lanes.
  • WHICH CAME FIRST?!?: Some eggs will fall from the sky and will hatch to reveal ZOMBIE CHICKENS! As with a BOTSWARM!, it can be prevented by using a Blover before they drop down.
  • BUNGEES INCOMING!: 3 or more Bungee Zombies will drop down some zombies. Just like old times!
  • AIR STRIKE!: Flying zombies of all kinds (Seagull Zombie, Jetpack Zombie, etc.) will fly from under the screen and stop somewhere on the lawn.

Introduced Zombies

I think the following zombies from the first game will return in Time Twister. NOTE: Despite their descriptions, the Ducky Tuber Zombies DO NOT replace the normal zombies in Time Twister.

  • Ducky Tuber Zombie: Regular ducky tube zombie. Toughness: Average. Speed: Hungry (on water), Basic (on land). Special: Only appears on water lanes, doesn't drown when bounced by a Spring Bean. First appearence: Time Twister Day 2.
  • Conehead Ducky Tuber: His wet traffic cone makes him twice as tough as regular Ducky Tubers. Toughness: Protected. Speed: Hungry (on water), Basic (on land). Special: Only appears on water lanes, doesn't drown when bounced by a Spring Bean. Weakness: Vacuum-shroom steals cone. First appearence: Time Twister Day 2.
  • Buckethead Ducky Tuber: His fishy bucket greatly protects him from damage. Toughness: Hardened. Speed: Hungry (on water), Basic (on land). Special: Only appears on water lanes, doesn't drown when bounced by a Spring Bean. Weakness: Vacuum-shroom steals bucket. First appearence: Time Twister Day 5.
  • Flag Ducky Tuber: Marks the arrivial of a mixed "wave" of zombies, mummies, pirates, pesants, and cowboys. Toughness: Average. Speed: Hungry. Special: Only appears on water lanes, doesn't drown when bounced by a Spring Bean. First appearence: Time Twister Day 2.
  • Ladder Zombie: His ladder provides good protection and lets him and other zombies climb over even the tallest defensive plants. Toughness: Protected. Speed: Speedy, then Basic (after losing his ladder). Special: Leaves a ladder on the first defensive plant he meets. Weakness: Vacuum-shroom steals ladder, Blover blows away ladders that are on plants (NOTE: Unlike in PvZ 1, explosive plants cannot remove ladders from defensive plants.). First appearence: Time Twister Day 5.
  • Balloon Zombie: Can float over all but the tallest plants and avoid most attacks. Toughness: Average. Speed: Speedy. Special: Floats over most plants and attacks. Weakness: Very tall plants can block him, Lobbed-shots can damage him in the air, Anti-Cairot pops balloon. (NOTE: Unlike in PvZ 1, Blover cannot kill Balloon Zombies. Instead it will push them back to the first column.) First appearence: Time Twister Day 10.
  • Bungee Zombie: Drops from above to deploy a zombie deep into your defenses. Toughness: Average. Speed: Flighty. Special: Drops from above to deploy a Basic Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, or Jack-in-the Box Zombie. Weakness: Spring Bean bounces him away. (NOTE: Unlike in PvZ 1, they never steal plants, and always arrive in groups of 3 or more.). First appearence: Time Twister Day 6.
  • Jack-in-The Box Zombie: Carries an explosive surprise. Toughness: Average. Speed: Speedy. Special: Explodes if not killed in time. Weakness: Vacuum-shroom steals Jack-in-The Box. First appearence: Time Twister Day 15.
  • Zomboni: His rolling ice resurfacer crushes plants, resists fire and ice, and leaves an ice trail. Toughness: Dense. Speed: Stiff. Damage: Crushes plants with ice resurfacer. Special: Resists hot and cold attacks, leaves an ice trail. Weakness: E.M.Peach disables ice resurfacer, fire-based plants can melt ice trail, Spikeweed pops tires. First appearence: Time Twister Day 20.
  • Bobsled Rider Zombie: Arrives with 3 other Bobsled Riders when Zomboni leaves an ice trail. Toughness: Solid (bobsled), Average (each zombie). Speed: Hungry (on ice), Basic (on grass). Special: Only appears on ice trails. First appearence: Time Twister Day 20.
  • Giga-Gargantuar: Titanic zombie with a shocking surprise. Toughness: Very Great. Speed: Creeper. Damage: Crushes plants with electrically-charged pole. Damage: Randomly zaps tiles with pole. Special: Throws Bomber Imp when damaged. (NOTE: He takes his appearence from Garden Warfare, shown on the right). First appearence: Time Twister Day 8.
    PVZIAT Giga-Gargantuar

    This is what Giga-Gargantuar looks like.

  • Bomber Imp: Launched by the Giga-Gargantuar deep into your defenses before exploding. Toughness: Average. Speed: Speedy. Special: Explodes if not killed in time. Weakness: Vacuum-shroom steals bomb, cold attacks put out fuse. First appearence: Time Twister Day 8.
  • Zombot Mega Machine: The all-in-one mechanized monstrosity from the present day. Toughness: Supreme! (higher than Undying). Speed: Hungry. Special: Missile attacks can raise tombstones, rain down Imps, target minecarts, destroy Power Tiles, and make plants fall asleep. First appearence: Time Twister Day 25.

New Plants

All of the plants except for one will be from PvZ 1. In no particular order:

  • Anti-Cairot: Anti-Cairots shoot carrot rockets that deal extra damage to flying zombies and pop balloons. Range: One lane. Damage: Normal (Heavy on flying zombies). Recharge: Fast. Special: Can do extra damage to flying zombies. Costs: 200 sun. Plant Food effect: Fires a deadly homing carrot at the 4 strongest zombies on the screen.
  • Pumpkin: Pumpkins are high-armored defensive plants that can be planted on other plants. Toughness: Fairly High (less than Wall-nut, but more than Infi-nut). Recharge: Slow. Special: Can be planted on another plant. Costs: 100 sun. Plant Food effect: Gains metal armor and activates the Plant Food effect of the plant it is planted on.

More to be added.

New Achievements

  • Shocking!: Unleash the Giga-Gargantuar!
  • Get Off My Lawn!: Complete Time Twister.
  • Home Lawn Security (Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time): Complete New Game Plus mode.
  • Indiana Who?: Complete all 3 Ancient Egypt Survival levels.
  • First Mate: Complete all 3 Pirate Seas Survival levels.
  • The Good, The Rad, and the Hungry: Complete all 3 Wild West Survival levels.
  • Far Out!: Complete all 3 Far Future Survival levels.
  • Excalibrains: Complete all 3 Dark Ages Survival levels.
  • Truly Twisted: Complete all 3 Time Twister Survival levels.
  • Alive and Planting (Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time): Complete all 18 Survival levels.
  • Apocalypse Right Now: Destroy every zombie in the post-game credits.
  • POP Goes The Zombie: Destroy a Jack-in-The Box Zombie before it explodes.

The achievement No Smoking can also be gained by putting out a Bomber Imp's bomb.

How to Unlock

In order to unlock Time Twister, you must first complete the Day 25 of all other worlds. After finishing the last Zombot battle, this happens:

  • Crazy Dave: "Wow, that was CRAAAZZY!!"
  • Penny: "User Dave, I think we should have a look at these trophies that Dr. Zomboss left behind each time we encountered him."

And then the game prompts you to look into the "Upgrades" tab of the Almanac.

  • Penny: "Through my calculations, we can use these trophies to head back to 2009 and your taco."
  • Crazy Dave: "At last! Gimme!"

So then you head back to the world selection screen, where you scroll to the far right to see Time Twister, where Penny says this:

  • Penny: "It's time to head back home!"

And then then all the trophies can be seen being placed on a bunch of podiums surronding Time Twister's spot in the world selction screen, and then Time Twister Day 1 begins with this cutscene!

  • Crazy Dave: "Hmm, something's different...I can't quite put my finger on it."
  • Penny: "My calculations say that there are Power Tiles! And Minecarts! And Tombstones!"
  • Dr. Zomboss: "Hello, living friends. If you want David's taco, you'll have to endure some old friends. Regards, Dr. Edgar Zomboss."
  • Crazy Dave: "I wonder what that means?"
  • Penny: "Zomboss must have brought the zombies from the past, present, and future together to stop us!"
  • Crazy Dave: *puts on a pair of the "future" glasses from PvZ 1* "Well, it's time to kick butt and chew bubblegum! And I'm all out of bubblegum. Why? BECAUSE I'M CRAAAAZZZZZY!" *saucepan flies up in the air as he says that*

And then Time Twister Day 1 starts.


I think the music for normal levels in Time Twister will be a metal remix of the following music from the first game:

  • Seed Selection: Zen Garden theme
  • Normal gameplay: Grasswalk
  • Huge Wave: Graze the Roof
  • Final Wave: Loonboon

All other music in Time Twister will be a metal remix of whatever song normaly plays, including the battle with the Zombot Mega Machine.


I don't really have any ideas for the levels right now, can somebody please give some ideas?

Time Twister Day 8

After completing Time Twister Day 7, you get the first note from PvZ 1, but it is instead signed by Giga-Gargantuar, and this happens:

  • Crazy Dave: "Hmm...I wonder who this so-called Giga-Gargantuar could be?"
  • Penny: "I have a bad feeling about this..."

Then, when the level begins, this happens:

  • Dr. Zomboss: "Greetings. Isn't it great to finally be back home? I hope so, because you have now forced me to send every minion at my disposal to reclaim your brains. Regards, Dr. Edgar Zomboss."
  • Crazy Dave: "Uh-oh..."

And then the level starts:

Zombies: Mummy Zombie, Conehead Pirate, Buckethead Cowboy, Flag Zombie, Bungee Zombie, Shield Zombie, Robo-Cone Zombie, Disco-tron 3000, Disco Jetpack Zombie, Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Zombie Chicken, Seagull Zombie, Ducky Tuber Zombie, Conehead Ducky Tuber, Tomb Raiser Zombie, Buckethead Ducky Tuber, Flag Ducky Tuber, *insert Dark Ages zombie here* Ladder Zombie, *insert Dark Ages zombie here* Gargantuar, Imp, Mummified Gargantuar, Imp Mummy, Pirate Gargantuar, Imp Pirate, Wild West Gargantuar, Zombie Bull Rider, Gargantuar Prime, Bugbot Imp, Giga-Gargantuar, and Bomber Imp.

Plants: Kernel-pult, Laser Bean, Citron, Lightning Reed, Grave Buster, Tile Turnip, Infi-nut, Blover, E.M.Peach, Spring Bean, Snapdragon, Vacuum-shroom, and Roto-shroom. You can also get yellow and blue Power Tiles from the conveyor-belt.

Flags: 4

After completing it, you get bacon. Then this happens:

  • Crazy Dave: "Oh, boy! Bacon! This should keep me full until I can find my taco!" *eats bacon* THAT WAS DELICIOUS! I'm so happy, I'm gonna make power-ups last longer! And I'm gonna go back in time to eat that bacon.
  • Penny: "No...not that."

After that, all power-ups now have a longer duration.

Zombot Mega Machine

Once Time Twister Day 24 is completed, you will unlock the final level, which is the final showdown with Dr. Zomboss.

When the level starts, you hear this conversation:

  • Dr. Zomboss: "Greetings, David. I suppose that, having mastered my gauntlet of Tombstones, Swimming Pools, Minecarts, Power Tiles, and extreme darkness, you must think that I will give you your taco? You think wrong! It's time to see the end of you, your foolish friend (the player), and this so-called 'Penny'!" *the Zombot Mega Machine stomps onto the lawn* "Say hello to my little friend!"
  • Crazy Dave: "Oh, no. That can't be good!"
  • Penny: "This is it! This is our final stand!"
  • Crazy Dave: "Just remember, AIM FOR THE PANCREAS!"

And then the final battle begins!

Plants: Same as Time Twister Day 8+Winter Melon, Melon-pult, Pea Pod, Pumpkin, Hypno-shroom (regardless of whether or not you bought it) and Anti-Cairot.

Zombies: All except the Ra Zombie, the Flag Zombie (all types), the Imp Cannon, the Swashbuckler Zombie, the Announcer Imp, and the Fisherman Zombie.

The Zombot Mega Machine has 5,000 hit points instead of 1,000 like other Zombots.


The Zombot Mega Machine has the attacks of all the other Zombots in the game. Before each missile attack, it's pupil will change depending on the attack it will use.

  • If the pupil changes into a gravestone, it will fire a missile that causes 2 tombstones to raise nearby.
  • If it changes into an Imp, it will fire it's Imp Cannon, which will rain down a bunch of Imps from all worlds (although Bugbot Imps will not appear until the 4th phase and Bomber Imps will not appear until the 6th)
  • If it changes into a minecart, it will shoot 4 missiles that will be aimed at one of the 2 minecart tracks on the lawn during the battle.
  • Guess what it will change into when it's going to fire a missile that will destroy Power Tiles?
  • If it changes into a fire, it will breath fire like the Zombot Dark Dragon

Like every other Zombot (except for the Zombot Dark Dragon), it can use a charge attack.


Due to it's high HP, the Zombot Mega Machine has 5 phases instead of 3 like the other Zombots. The zombies that are introduced in each phase are as follows:

Phase 1: Basic Zombies and Conehead Zombies from all worlds, Zombie Bull Rider (is fired by the Zombot Mega Machine's Imp Cannon), Jetpack Zombie, Seagull Zombie, Camel Zombies, and Poncho Zombie.

Phase 2: Buckethead Zombies from all worlds, Shield Zombie, Tomb Raiser Zombie, Prospector Zombie, Pirate Captain Zombie, Pharoah Zombie, Imp Monk Zombie (rises from tombstones), Ladder Zombie, and Robo-Cone Zombie.

Phase 3: Gargantuars and Imps from all worlds (excluding Far Future, Dark Ages' Imps, and Time Twister), Disco-tron 3000, Zombie Bull, Balloon Zombie, Knight Zombie, and Jack-in-the Box Zombie. (NOTE: At this point the Zombot Mega Machine can now drop down Bungee Zombies)

Phase 4: Gargantuar Prime, Bugbot Imp, Barrel Roller Zombie, Explorer Zombie, Zombie King (spawned in front of, and Mecha-Football Zombie. (NOTE: At this point the music changes into a metal remix of Dr. Zomboss's theme from PvZ 1)

Phase 5: Giga-Gargantuar, Bomber Imp, Chicken Wrangler Zombie, Imp Dragon Zombie, Wizard Zombie, Zomboni, and Zombie Bobsled Team.


Once the Zombot Mega Machine is finally defeated, this cutscene plays:

  • Crazy Dave: "So, Zomboss, can you give me my taco now?"
  • Dr. Zomboss: "Sorry, David, I don't have the taco."
  • Penny: "My calculations say that he's lying!"
  • Crazy Dave: "Well, let's find out!"

And then the lawn is cleared and a single Spring Bean is planted in the very center of the lawn. The game then prompts you to use Plant Food on it, which you do, causing Dr. Zomboss to bounce in the nearby water, causing this to play:

  • Dr. Zomboss: "I'll be back!" *falls into the water* *hand rises out of the water and gives a thumbs up as his hand sinks into the water, Terminator 2-style*

And then Dave's Taco drops, pick it up to complete the game and have this cutscene play:

  • Crazy Dave: "Yes! At last the taco is mine!" *eats it* "THAT WAS DELICIOUS!!! I must eat it again! Bring me my time machine!"
  • Penny: "Oh, no..."

And then Dave, Penny, and you get transported to the true final level: Ancient Egypt Day ??, where this cutscene plays:

  • Crazy Dave: "Well, time to find my taco again! Hail to the Pumpkin, baby!"

And then "Zombie Time" starts playing and every zombie from the game appears (save for Zombots), though they don't target your house. Instead, they'll walk around the lawn for a bit and go away. During this level, Camel Zombies will appear holding the text for the end credits, and you can play with infinite power-ups.

After the post-game credits roll, the camera pans to the right, showing the zombies from Ancient Egypt Day 1, and the screen fades to black, revealing the words "The End...?". After that, you return to the Time Twister world map and unlock the following goodies!

  1. The Ultimate Challenge! (Time Twister's Endless Zone)
  2. Ancient Egypt Day ?? can be found to the very right of Ancient Egypt Day 25, which replays the credits I just told you about without having to replay the final battle again.
  3. Survival levels for each of the previous worlds, which are Easy (survive 5 flags), Hard (survive 10 flags), and Expert (survive 15 flags). They can be found behind the first day of each world.
  4. A button with Dave's taco will appear next to the Zen Garden button. Tap it to start up New Game Plus mode, which lets you play through the game again with all plants and upgrades unlocked from the start, along with Crazy Dave picking 3 random plants for each level and an extra flag for most levels, much like when replaying Adventure Mode in Plants vs. Zombies 1. Differences in New Game Plus mode are below

Differences in New Game Plus mode

  • Ancient Egypt Day 5 is changed to a normal 2 flag level with Mummy Zombie, Conehead Mummy, Buckethead Mummy, Flag Mummy Zombie, Explorer Zombie, Ra Zombie, and Tomb Raiser Zombie
  • Almost every level has one extra flag.
  • Tombstones appear in Pirate Seas, Wild West, and Far Future.
    • The Pirate Seas tombstones appear as a bunch of small pebbles forming a triangle that surround a pile of bones.
    • Wild West's tombstones appear as wooden posts with a sign reading "EXPIRED" hanging on them.
    • Far Future's tombstones will appear as holograms of Ancient Egypt's tombstones.
  • Zombies can rise from tombstones in any level with them from Day 9 and onwards.
  • You will gain a money bag with 1,000 coins for defeating the normal Zombots.
  • All Zombots, except for the Zombot Mega Machine, have 2,000 hit points instead of 1,000.
  • When defeating the Zombot Mega Machine for the first time in New Game Plus, you get 1,500 coins for your trouble. After each playthrough the ammount of coins you get from defeating it increases by 500 (2,000 coins for second time, 2,500 for third, 3,000 for fourth, etc.)
  • Variants of the Tomb Raiser Zombie are introduced in Pirate Seas, Wild West, and Far Future. They are listed below:

Pirate Seas Tomb Raiser

Voodoo Zombie: Throws out a voodoo doll to create tombstones. Toughness: Average. Speed: Hungry

Wild West Tomb Raiser

Farmer Zombie: Tosses some wood to erect graves. Toughness: Solid. Speed: Stiff.

Far Future Tomb Raiser

The Tomb-inator: Spits out projectors that generate holo-graves. Toughness: Machined. Speed: Creeper. Weakness: E.M.Peach

Sandbox Mode

After completeing New Game Plus mode, an extra yellow level pad appears to the right of Time Twister Day 25. Tap it to enter Sandbox Mode.


In Sandbox Mode, you have infinite Sun, Plant Food, Power-Ups, and Lawnmowers.

Instead of selecting your plants before the level begins, there is a tab where the seed packets are normally placed. Tapping on it will bring up a screen with every plant in the game. Then just tap the one you want to plant and tap anywhere on the lawn where said plant is allowed and you can plant as much as you want.

On the right side of the screen is another tab. Tapping on it will reveal a screen with every zombie in the game. Tap on the zombie and drag them onto the lawn to summon them. It also has buttons to change the enviroment, call in surprise attacks, and add various mechanics from each world.