Hey, neighbors!

Tired of trying endless times to earn the High Five Achievement in PvZ 2?

Tired of getting out of bed just to atempt to earn it?

Hi, Crazy Dave here on how to earn High Five LIKE A ZOMBOSS!!

NOTE: You need at least 2,000 Coins to do this.

Step 1: Go to Ancient Eygpt.

Step 2: Go to Last Stand-III.

Step 3: Select the Tall-nut.

Step 4: Select any other plants you don't need.

Step 5: Plant 5 Tall-nuts.

Step 6: Start the onslaught.

Step 7: Use Plant Food on 3 of the Tall-nuts.

Step 8: Purchase some more Plant Food.

Step 9: Use the Plant Food you bought on any leftover Tall-nuts.