Okay, I am SICK of people calling me RFM767 vs. Zombies just because I have Crazy Dave as my icon. For this reason, I need your help in choosing a new icon on this wiki! I present the

"Give IMCR8Z a New Icon Contest"


How to join this contest: Simply post in the comments section a picture to use as my new icon (limit 1 picture per user). The picture you post doesn't matter as long as it isn't anything offensive or anything that could get you blocked.

Deadline: You have until Tuesday, Feburary 10th 2015 to post images. The 3 images I like the most will go into the finals (more on that once we get there).

Prize: The poster of the icon I use will be the Lead Trap Designer for my newest fanon PvZ game: Plants vs. Zombies: Unlikely AllianceSecond place will get to choose a sound in PvZ 1 for me to mod. Third place gets NOTHING!

Restrictions: No images that have Crazy Dave on them or any pics of people that play PvZ on YouTube. No images that contain the letters "RFM" in them, either. That includes you, Cavia!

What are you waiting for? Get posting!