Yeah, this blog is for just what the title suggests. I'm done with this wiki! I'm finished! Hasta la vista! Vamoosh! Bye-bye! Walked the plank. Kicked the bucket. Whatever. I'm through with this ***t hole of a wiki! I blame Nick! Good-bye.

Change of plans

Okay, I think I might have to change my plans for "leaving" a bit.

I will not:

  • Go on chat.
  • Edit mainspace pages.
  • Vote on user rights or banning.

I will:

  • Go on forum games.
  • Vote on changes to templates and other things on the wiki.
  • Post some blogs of strategies and PvZ 2 ideas.

Before I leave, though

The 3rd version of the Plants vs. Zombies LawnStrings Ovehaul has been released.

Click here to download it

IMCR8Z quits